ATI Radeon R400 [R400]

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The R400 is a GPU chip made by ATI which competed directly with NVIDIA’s NV35 (GeForce FX 5900 Series).

The R400 is still development, and the full-up NV30 version of the Geforce FX with DDR II is supposed to become generally available at around $500, according to nVidia. The NV32 and NV34 are going to be the quicker ones.

Oh, and it’s not that I don’t like AMD products, it’s just that right now Intel is bigger/better/faster/cheaper (in price/performance). There is one reason I’d suggest going with AMD still though … 80-bit floating point arithmatic. Intel’s SSE2 is capped at 64 bit. However, if Intel came up with a 128-bit unit like Apple’s Altivec.

I’m also not anti-nVidia per se, that’s only been post Radeon when it completely blew nVidia out of the water in raster precision. I’d love to see nVidia come out with a better chip than ATi, but it hasn’t happened since the original Geforce, expecially in the mobile market.

Oh … pssst … $3 mil is chump change to both AMD and Intel.  Especially Intel.  Intel’s semiconductor is bigger than the semiconductor division of Micron, Hynix, Texas Insturments, Cirrus Logic, Advanced Micro Devices, Realtek, 3Com and ever other semiconductor maker … combined.  AMD, while not as big, doesn’t make their money on CPUs and wouldn’t invest that $3 mil into CPUs, they make it in flash memory.  One other tidbit: AMD’s market share is right now lower than it was before they introduced the Athlon.

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