Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW 2) Walkthrough


A brief foreword

Guide Number seven, and it’s just getting easier and easier. RE5 is closer…

GRAW 2 is by far the best of the best of the Tom Clancy stuff. It is much faster than Rainbow Six, and you get some of the elements of Splinter Cell. Not to mention this is probably the best looking game ever made.

For me, the game begins at a fast pace by throwing many different and varied situations at you, changing settings, and mixing up the gameplay. What helps the best is that the missions aren’t as hard as last time (or I’m just much better), and they are much shorter (same reason against it). The consequence of all this is that the game itself is extremely short, and sadly, suffers at the very end when the pace is slowed and the game extended by two extra levels that seemed a bit pointless.

Despite that last bit, GRAW 2 is a must for all 360 owners, and the multiplayer is what all you LIVE-players want. So close to being a perfect game, maybe next year, or in a few months with the Clancy-factory out there.


PS – what the heck Sony, are you for real with that?

2. Control/Tips/Wisdom
For the people without the book.

GRAW 2 Controls
A Reload; hold for weapon options
B Previous weapon; hold for inventory
X toggle goggles (haha)
Y Actions
RB Switch sides; hold for different camera
LB change assault/recon
RT Shoot
LT Aim; hold breath
RS Look
LS Move; click to crouch
D-Pad select unit/give order
Start Pause
Back Map


  • Reload often.
  • Cover is a must, if you want to live.
  • The sniper rifles will pierce walls, that is awesome.
  • Silencers mean less power.
  • Smoke can get you out of sticky situations.
  • Send your team into unknown areas first; better them than you.
  • Unlike the last game, the new medic can heal you at anytime.
  • Check the map if you are unsure of the next move.
  • Abuse the UAV whenever you got one.

Sorry, I didn’t field-test all of these, but just as well. This comes from the main menu, under bonuses.

And SD means silencer. The silencers make the gun quiet, but it will be less accurate and powerful.

Guns I Could Care Less About
I never used these, so you shouldn’t either. I know, one of these is probably half-decent, but that’s not good enough.
36K Carbine
Rx4 Storm
SCAR-L Carbine
MK14 EBR – the training rifle, but it did suck, so avoid.
Px4 Storm
Guns With Grenade Launchers
Good for early on.
MR-C/AGL – Has the grenade launcher, which is awesome.
SCAR-L/EGLM – the rest are probably cool too, but you never need this many.
M-32 MGL – cool in theory, just not the range to be uesful.
Guns To Use
Put the sniper rifles and P90 as top choices at all times.
MR-C LW SD – The camera gun. The best gun for pure firepower, and for cowards.
MK48 LMG – Great for tearing up enemies and vehicles, just wastes lots of bullets.
MG21 – same as the above one.
SR AS50 – starter sniper rifle with a big clip, but not that strong.
DSR-1 – next step up; it can pierce thicker stuff.
M95 Sniper – the best rifle; can go through concrete.
P90 – great secondary weapon, and almost always a choice.
Honorable Mention ZEUS T2 – when you need to take out tanks yourself.
Cx4 Storm – good, when available. Has a scope.
MP5A3 – the basic gun, still good though.
??? M107 Sniper – I’m not sure where this gun comes from, but it sounds awesome. Pretty much the uber sniper rifle.
M1014 – not sure what this is, cause it ain’t a shotgun.
Use the Defensive Pack by default.
Frag – blows crap up, though, you rarely need any.
Smoke – provides cover when you don’t have any; use the detection goggles.
Satchel – good for taking out tanks and such.

Read ahead to be aware of what to expect; I don’t think I “spoil” much.

This is a walkthrough, but I’ve become less descriptive this time. Not because I’m lazy, though that is nice, I just feel that I’m here to provide you with a gameplan for each level, not hold your hand. Got to leave something for you to do on your own.

As you should know, the AI is unpredictable, so be aware that differences are absolute. Let’s jump in.