Getting rid of my car

Alright everyone, I’m crazy. I’m going to a Toyota dealership today to see about getting rid of my car. That’s right… no car. You know what that means? NO TEACHING! I can QUIT teaching! I’ll have a good excuse to QUIT TEACHING!

Now you might ask why I want to quit. Well, because I HATE it. I abhor it. Teaching is the bane of my very existance. Imagine sitting for a half hour (or god forbid… longer) listening to a kid who didn’t practice try slowly to make their way through a piece while all you say is “Okay, that’s a G, watch your pinky, move your thumb to the sharp”. All you want to do is scream “UGH why don’t you get it? Can’t you even practice 10 motherf***ing minutes a damn day?” All the while wondering how you got to be where you are when you about 5x as busy as they are at that age. Pretending that a lack of practice is okay because “stuff comes up”. If this were school they’d fail and I know it. Then, you get home, and you have 10 emails asking if Little Susie can change their lesson this week because they have a birthday party they want to go to.
Imagine having no life and having to put a smile on your face everyday to people who frustrate you to no end. That’s me right now. That’s me for the last 3 years. And frankly, I’m damn sick of it.
In better news, I was working at Gamestop last night and some religious demonstrators pointed at me as I was walking to get a cup of coffee and boomed “God says that it is a sin to fornicate.” And I said, “Yah? Well, I LOVE to fornicate”. HA! You should’ve seen the look on their faces…….
due to the number of make-ups and credits I’ve had to give lately, the money is so damn abysmal that I could be working a 40 hour a week job for minimum wage and make more.

I need to come up with $7,000 to pay off my lease….maybe BECU will cover it. 

I’m just so sick of the bullsh*t….

And yes, the Bible does condone fornication. Those quacks usually don’t know what they’re shouting about anyway. Brain-washed baboons.

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