Getting close to the end + Love Affair with the iTouch

This quarter is almost over for me, FINALLY!!! Test after project after paper after reading… UGH! I am definitely ready to be done. The next quarter starts just a week after this one finishes, and that is going to be hard. I’m going to have to change my work schedule once, maybe even twice, in order to fit my clinicals in. School is tough.

On the bright side, I just wanted to give a shout out to Apple for making the iTouch. Because I love it. And if you don’t have one, you fail at life, and you need to get one. You see, Apple isn’t #1 in mp3 players just because they have the iPod. They’re #1 because iPods don’t suck, iTunes is awesome, and the apps that are available are amazing and very diverse.

People complain that iTunes is annoying and takes longer than drag and drop. I LOVE iTunes. No, I haven’t really tried any other program, but it is easy to upload the files you already have and manage your music, videos, photos, and apps all on one program. Trust me, I sell mp3 players for a living, and trying to explain to someone how to rip music from a disc, put it in a folder, and then drag it to your mp3 player is WAY HARDER than just selling them an iPod.

Not to mention, iPods have an amazing amount of accessories made for them, while other mp3 players do not. I know that Apple keeps changing the size of the nano and classic with every generation, but the old accessories are still out there. Don’t get your panties into a knot.

I whipped my iTouch out today in public and did my nursing homework (using an app I downloaded) while I listened to my favorite Podcast. It can’t get much better.

Plus I have a Ferrari Testarossa picture for my background. TELL ME WHAT OTHER MP3 PLAYER YOU CAN DO THAT WITH!?!?!?!

I sleep with it under my pillow. Sometimes it sees me naked. I stroke it lovingly on a regular basis. iTouch, you complete me!

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