Genius DeathTaker Gaming Mouse Review

Genius DeathTaker Gaming Mouse Review
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There are a lot of gaming mice available today, and many of them can be put on a short list of “do not buy”.  Unless you have over $100 to spend then you probably won’t be happy with many of the choices available.  There are a select few however that offer good performance and quality at a price point that undercuts everything else in its class.

Genius is a new player in the hardware market, and the underdog usually has something to prove.  Genius has released a new MMO/RTS gaming mouse that costs betweem $40-80 (depening on where you look) and yet has features that rival much more expensive digital rodents.


This new rodent is called “DeathTaker”, which is a rather unfortunate name for those of us inflicted with Literal-itis..  Does it “take your death”, like a waitress takes your order?  Perhaps it removes Death from your Life so that you never die.  I’m assuming the name is supposed to instill fear into your digital opponents and implies that this device is their demise.

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  1. cubedj says:

    sh*t.. mine died just like the one in your update info even with the same error "USB device is not recognized”… any info about this error? and possible solution (Win8-64bit)… thx

    • ocmodshop says:

      Looks like mine was dead. No way to revive. Just goes to show how cheap Chinese electronics may look cool at first, but then die.

      • cubedj says:

        mine is already on the way back to the dealer… I've tried 3 different OS's and 4 computers… It was not bad mouse at all, but dead after 4 months.. shame..

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