GelTabz Xbox 360 Performance Thumb Grips Review



It has happened to the best of us… You’ve been humiliated by that one online player over and over again in front of your friends: bitch-slapped to Hades and back, been the frequent flier of Shockwave Air, and been someone’s personal rag-doll… and now you finally have that bastard in your cross-hairs. You’ve practiced your humiliating taunts over and over for this upcoming moment: one more second and your nemesis has an instant lobotomy …

And then your thumb slips off the stick.

It’s all over. He turns around and makes a permanent impression of your face with his Mag-light, ending the one glimmer of hope that you wouldn’t be a loser forever. Your station wagon dies, your house is demolished to make way for a golf course, and your girlfriend leaves you for the hot-shot ski instructor.

GelTabz has introduced an interesting product that promises to keep a “grip on our game” no matter how furious your fighting. The Xbox 360’s analog joysticks have a slight rubberized texture to the heads, and are far better than the original Xbox thumbsticks, but the hardcore gamer needs some hardcore help. Our hands can get pretty moist during a gaming marathon, and we occasionally lose control of the thumbsticks.

Here’s a product description blurb straight off the package:
“In the middle of a marathon game session, playing with a ‘stock’ controller simply isn’t good enough – you need to customize with GelTabz. Made of a hybrid silicone that is engineered for performance, GelTabz is an easily applied grip for your analock stick that lets you step up your game.”

The Geltabs are rubbery caps that you install on the mushroom top of your Xbox 360’s two analog sticks. They are made of a rubberize silicone that feels like a combination of rubber and a gummy bear. The top of the GelTab is soft, has textured little nubs and is adorned with the GelTabz’ “Z” logo. The rim and underside of the GelTab is colored a neon lime green, and matches the Xbox 360’s look.