GELID GC-1 High Performance Thermal Compound Review



The idle time will be 30 minutes with only background software running. These are normal Windows operations as well as Eset Nod32 antivirus. Nothing really big. Then under full load, I’m going to be playing Bioshock for 30 minutes to get the CPU worked up. Okay, time to test.

Under normal load conditions, I was getting around 35 degrees Celsius using the AC-5 thermal paste. The room I run the tests in is a little warm this time of year, around 23.8C (or 75 degrees Fahrenheit). I ran Bioshock (read our complete walkthrough) for a half an hour and then checked my temperature again. This time around I was getting 42 degrees Celsius. That’s not exactly the best temperature for a PC to hover around, but it’s nothing that’s going to fry my machine anytime soon either.

Next, I ran the same tests using the GC-1 thermal paste. You know what? That applicator really is better than a broken card. I wouldn’t say child’s play, but close. Okay, after half an hour under idle load, I was getting a steady temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. Not too shabby. Anything lower is better in my eyes. Now, after playing Bioshock for half an hour, I was getting a temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius. These are very good temperatures, and an impressive victory over the champ, Arctic Silver.

Now, for a final test. This is one just because there are always questions about not only which brand is better, but because some people believe there is no difference between thermal pastes. I speak of those who gladly use generic pastes and think nothing of it. Damn you all to Hell, you heathens. I ran down to my local supply shop and found a crappy tube that simply read “Components: Heat Transfer Compound”. Tell me that’s not generic, they didn’t even bother giving it a name. Now you want to see what happens when you don’t use the good stuff?

At an idle run for half an hour, I was getting a temp of 42 degrees Celsius. You getting that? The lowest temperature for the generic stuff was the highest temperature for the Arctic Silver, as well as the highest temperature of all tests before. I kind of feared putting the load test on the generic paste, but for the sake of knowledge, I had to. My temp monitor automatically shuts my computer down at 50 degrees Celsius.

After only twelve minutes of Bioshock, my temp monitor began beeping and my computer shut down on me. I was really glad I had saved this document before I put it to the test. I didn’t actually get a decent temperature on it because my computer wouldn’t allow my components to endure that much heat.