GELID GC-1 High Performance Thermal Compound Review


Looking closer

Okay, let’s break this down before I smear it on my CPU. It doesn’t cause short circuits, I’m going to take their word for that one. I’ve never had that happen to me by using any other thermal paste so I really can’t say much about that. Applying it is child’s play. I’m going to commend them for throwing that applicator in. Much better than a broken gift card for sure. The important parts to me are the high thermal conductivity and the life of the product. It works super fast, and it lasts for 10 years without losing its power.

I took a heatsink off of a CPU once that had been on for about that long without ever having its thermal compound changed. The compound had hardened to a state that was almost like that window caulking that people use when they are too cheap to buy new seals. If this stuff can last 10 years without ending up like that, then I tip my hat to Gelid. Well, in 10 years when I do a follow-up, anyway.


Okay, now for the testing. I’m going to keep this nice and simple. I’m going to begin with my mentor’s favorite paste, Arctic Silver 5. I’m going to run each paste under normal Idle conditions as well as full load. Obviously, the lower temperature is the winner. Here’s what I’m testing on: