GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4000 Dual Channel Memory Review



GeIL has grown to be one of the larger RAM manufactures these days. They mainly cater to overclockers and gamers with their fast memory. They have value RAM, Golden Dragon Series which uses Wafer Level Chip Scale Package chips, and Ultra series which is very high performance RAM. GeIL manufactures SODIMM modules for use in laptops including a Golden Dragon series. They also recently introduced a line of memory designed specifically for Apple desktops and laptops. This particular dual channel kit that GeIL sent over is PC4000 which runs at 500MHz. Below is a table of memory speeds to give you an idea of their rating, DDR speed, and MHz.

PC2700 DDR333 166MHz
PC3200 DDR400 200MHz
PC3500 DDR433 216MHz
PC3700 DDR467 223MHz
PC4000 DDR500 250MHz
PC4400 DDR550 275MHz
PC4500 DDR566 283MHz

GeIL’s website offers a good amount of information on their products. Below are some specifications that I pulled from their website. The latency on this RAM is quite high due to the high speeds of the RAM. Normally with faster RAM you are going to see higher latency times to make up for the RAM being pushed so fast when it comes to speed.


  • 184pin, Non-ECC, Un-buffered, high performance DDR memory modules.
  • GeIL 3.5ns 32×8 Density DDR Chip
  • 6 Layer Ultra Low Noises Shielded PCB with Gold 30u” Plating
  • Optimized SPD for Intel 875/865 chipset Dual Channel DDR motherboards
  • Platinum Copper Heat Spreader
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • CAS 2.5 7-4-4 @ DDR500MHz PC4000
  • 2.6V-3.1V
  • Retail package with clear acrylic case
  • Temperature Thermometer allow users to monitor the temperature of their memory modules

The memory comes packaged in a clear acrylic retail case which is more than enough to keep it protected. Within the acrylic case you can see the modules which are individually packaged air tight inside of anti static bags. There is also foam padding around the RAM to keep it in place providing even more protection. It is nice to see when companies put this kind of care into the packaging of their products.

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The modules are very hard to take pictures of because they are so reflective. On the left side of the modules there is the temperature thermometer which acts like look like a mood ring changing color when the heat changes. Though this is a simple idea it is very cool to see implemented on something like this.

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