Gears of War Review (Game of the Year)


Holy sh*t!!!

OK, so the story goes like this:

Several years ago on a planet inhabitted by humans, an invasion occured, but where humans always thought an invasion would come from space, it came from deep within the planet. The Locust Horde attacked on what would later be called E-day (or Emergence day). Attacking every major city on the planet, the horde decimated millions in their initial attack.

With the ability to come out of the ground in droves practically anywhere, the humans realized that they were going to made extinct and their beautiful planet left to these… creatures. So in an effort to try and fight back, the humans began using chemical and particle beam weapons on their own soil, so that even if they loct the war eventually, the spoils would be ruined. And that was what it became, a burnt-out hellhole of a planet where everything has either been blown to smithereens or left to decay. The smell of death is everywhere.

Into this war comes Marcus Fenix, a hard-as-nails, take no prisoners type of soldier who was bred to do one thing: fight. Marcus made a name for himself as an ass-kicking death machine when it came to fighting the Locust. The kind of guy you could bring with you to a biker bar in order to collect a debt, and then walk out with five minutes later with your money in hand. Marcus made one mistake though, he disobeyed orders in an effort to save his father who was being attacked by the Locust horde. Doing so landed him a 40-year sentence at Jacinto Maximum Security Penitentiary.

But now, the humans have come up with a plan to win the war and take back the planet, but they need everybody to help out, and since the Locust have already began attacking the prison, why not free Marcus and hope he feels the same way. And oh yeah, let’s give him a gun and hope a few years in a stinking, rotten, corpse-filled prison has turned his disposition sunny. Fat chance of that, but he’s no fool, our man Marcus is at his best when things are at their worst, and that’s when the game begins; with things at their worst.

GoW is a third person run-and-gun all-out action title. As the anti-hero Marcus, you begin things in a very bleak and war-torn environment. The game has you running like mad in order to survive and of course, kill as many things that you can.

The folks at Epic games and Microsoft Studios were not one to rest on their laurels, so they decided to do things a bit differently this time. First thing you will notice, the game has no targeting icon when you run around. Instead the game has you relying on the particles that fly off of objects you shoot in order to adjust your aim.

If you see blood globbing out of the Locust scum you are shooting, then great, you’re hitting what you need to hit. Not to say there isn’t any sort of aiming reticule, when you use the weapons that feature a zoom function, the reticule appears in order to make those critical shots just a bit easier.

The next thing you will notice are the graphics, and I don’t mean how the Locust themselves look, or the landscapes, no we’re into a whole other realm when it comes to visuals now…