Gears of War 2 Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

What we should all appreciate about Gears 2 is that the devs did not make it Gears 1 with more stuff. Instead of this game having five berserkers, 20  seeders, and a boss that was just Raam 2.0, the people at Epic said “Gears 1 was Gears 1, Gears 2 will be different.”

Sure, it’s mostly the same game with the cover fighting, but the pacing of  this game is 20 times faster than the last. You’ll be deep underground one  moment, in a worm, in a haunted mansion-like place, up a snowy mountain, and then fighting a water monster back underground in not a lot of time. There is so much variety that some of it seems tossed in, not very hard, and more than a bit unnecessary, but it does help the game fly along.

Gears of War 2 doesn’t do anything new, sadly, but it’s shooting mechanics, story, and enjoyable gameplay make for a great example of a game that is just fun to play. Not to mention the multiplayer is about as good as it gets.

The Gum

A – cover button; hold for Roadie Run; pick up down enemy for shield
B – melee; hold for chainsaw with Lancer, or punch with other weapon
X – use or pick up something
Y – used for Y-look situations
LS – move
RS – look; click to zoom
D-Pad – change weapons
LB – bring up objectives
RB – reload; time correctly for Active Reload bonus
LT – aim, even in turrets
RT – shoot; with or without LT pressed


  • Executions – when you see an enemy crawling on the ground, press X for a curb stomp, B for quick kill, Y for long kill, and A to take him as a shield; when he is a shield he is either killed by gunfire, killed by you, or auto-killed after a time.
  • Cover – press A to slip behind cover.
  • Mantle – simply move the LS us and press A to go over the object. Could double press A while moving to quickly mantle.
  • Swat Turn – move the LS toward cover on the opposite side of your cover and  you’ll simply change places.
  • Cover Slip – push up to slip in front of your cover, or to the side to leap out of cover.
  • Dive – press A while moving to dive in that direction.
  • Roadie Run – just hold A to run forward and if you hit cover you’ll take it.
  • Blindfire – simply press RT and you will start shooting in the direction your camera is facing. Not useful if the enemy is behind cover. Best used for when an enemy is charging at you and the closer he is the better the chances that all your spray will hit him. You can toss frags this way and even charge up the torque bow before aiming.
  • Fire without aiming – just press RT to start shooting without aiming. Good against Wretches, Bloodmounts, and Tickers. Of course for enemies close if you are behind cover and don’t have time to aim.
  • Crawling – you can crawl faster by tapping A. If someone is trying to kill you in multiplayer and you have a frag, press RT to take him out with you.
  • Chainsaw Duel – when you and another player run at each other with chainsaws, if you attack at the same time you’ll go into an honor du-el. Just mash B to win, so long as you’re faster than the other guy. Put it on your leg and just tap B.