Gaming News May 2007

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Bomberman Coming to Xbox Live Arcade!
Team Xbox :: Monday, May 14, 2007
Hudson’s classic arcadestyle mazebased video game is finally coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

Crytek Opens New Studio, New Original IP in the Works
Team Xbox :: Monday, May 14, 2007
The creators of Far Cry and the highly anticipated Crysis have announced the elevation of their satellite offices in Kiev to full development studio status and the launch of a new project based on new original IP.

Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End Cut Scene in HD
Team Xbox :: Monday, May 14, 2007
Summoned by Davy Jones himself, this new cut scene featuring the Kraken is similar to a memorable moment from last year’s blockbuster film, “Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest.”

Halo Contact Harvest Officially Announced
Team Xbox :: Monday, May 14, 2007
Readers will experience the start of the HumanCovenant war from the perspective of Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, Master Chief’s legendary confidant and mentor.

Halo 3 Beta Video
Team Xbox :: Monday, May 14, 2007
Here is a fanmade Halo 3 Beta video created by a Microsoft employee and therefore authorized by Bungie.

Xclio 188A Gaming Case Review
Tweaknews :: Friday, May 11, 2007
“The Xclio 188A is one of the best budget chassis’ I’ve worked with. Not only is this case very classy looking, the cooling is superb and there is plenty of room inside for most systems. The 250mm fan does its job quietly and efficiently and the integrated fan speed controller is a welcome feature.”

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Screenshots
Think Gaming :: Friday, May 11, 2007
On the 2nd NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams was announced for the Wii. Well today we have got our hands on 5 screenshots from the game! People have been waiting for a sequel to the original NiGHTS for a very long time. Now it is here. The game will take full advantage […]

Crysis Multiplayer Gameplay
Think Gaming :: Friday, May 11, 2007
Damn Crysis looks amazing! Look at all the shadows and character models look awesome! I can’t wait for this game, hopefully it will play well on my video card!   [Via Link]

The Catan Phenomenon
Xbox 360 Games :: Friday, May 11, 2007
We break down the fundamentals of Catan for newcomers and how Xbox 360 improves on the already critically acclaimed board game.

Xbox Addict: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on Xbox LIVE Arcade
Xbox 360 Games :: Friday, May 11, 2007
Xbox Addict looks at the recreated and enhanced game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Windows LIVE Messenger on Xbox 360
Xbox Hardware :: Friday, May 11, 2007
Using Xbox 360, connect with your Microsoft Windows LIVE Messenger community directly from your television. Text chats with friends and family are integrated between Xbox 360, PCs, and mobile devices.

Maximus 360 FW Toolbox v3.1B with Hitachi-LG Xtreme v1.7
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
Maximus released an update to yesterday’s 360 Firmware Toolbox(info ( )) v3.1: [QUOTE] Maximus – FIRMWARE TOOLBOX V3.1B (With C4E/Garyopa Hitachi 1.7) The Credit on the Hitachi 1.7 is to C4E for his original Hitachi Jitter Fix and to Garyopa for layout those changes on other versions What’s new/fixed (since v3.1): * Added: Missing File was causing troubles to users with Classic Mode. On this release I am including a missing file that was causing problems to users that used the option of the external flashers mainly users with drives 59 and older, none 78 users complain We are on the same line to having 1 tool for all hitachi versions and to allow that we already have figured out how to solve the USB-SATA issues and some SIL issues to, so on next versions you can use that devices (for versions prior to 59) whithout glitches. Meanwhile since this version is not USB-SATA friendly you can use the “external flashers” option or use the C4E release earlier wich is MS-DOS (if your drive is 59 or lower) and this release if you have 78/79 [/QUOTE] Official Site: n/a (by Maximus/C4E/Garyopa) Download: n/a (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD) News-Source: ( )

Commodore4Eva Xtreme Hitachi-LG v2.4 Stealth
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
Commodore4eva has released his version of Xtreme v2.4 firmware for Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L drives. Whats new: (2.4) Added Disc-Jitter for Challenge types 5/7 to all Hitach firmwares. Always recommended: If your drive is flashed USE A RESTORE FIRST (Use the restore included on this package) Notes about this release: This version is a set of batch files, like the previous garyopa hitachi releases. This version has been done for several days, as c4e had originally implemented the disc-jitter on hitachi drives, but wanted to fully test all drives before public use. This version will not support v78 drives (use fw toolbox 3.1) but does provide the most stable flashing routines for v32-v59 Hitachi drives. This release still contains the F900 (game SS ripping core) and firmware Stealth, both of which are removed in fw toolbox 3.1 version. Official Site: n/a (by commodore4eva) Download: n/a (May Be illegal under EULA/DMCA) News-Source: ( )

Maximus 360 FW Toolbox v3.1 with Garyopa Hitachi-LG Xtreme v1.7 Jitter-Fix
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
Garyopa, Maximus and C4E released a new Xtreme firmware + flashing tool for Hitachi-LG drives with the Disc-Jitter fix added and some support for v79 firmwares: [QUOTE] Maximus – 360 Firmware Toolbox(info ( )) v3.1 (with Garyopa Disc Jitter Check) The Credit on the Hitachi 1.7 is to C4E for his original Hitachi Jitter Fix and to Garyopa for layout those changes on other versions WHATS NEW ON V3.1: * Added: Hitachi Xtreme 1.7 (Disc Jitter Fix) * Added: Smart Hack Patcher now works for all Production Drives V40 thru v79 * Added: Correctly show and handle of keys for Hit79 drives * Corrected: Bug displaying Samsung FW as spoofed (display error) * Corrected: Several other bugs * Improved : Checksum checkup when dumping * Added: OCX’s included on the release (they are available on Microsoft site anyway) Release Notes: On Xtreme 1.7 the F900 core and Stealth FW have been removed. This could be seen as a Step Back, but indeed is 2 steps ahead. By one side we are trying to build one solid application (toolbox) that would make easier the future Hitachi Releases (which currently its a pain because of all the variations) and by other side it incorporates Disc-Jitter check fix for Hitachi drives. The F900 core needs more work and can be easily incorporated on future versions along with other goodies that already are under development (media-stealth, single layer support, etc). The Fw Stealth was a good idea but it has been proven that the fw could be readed by other means, indeed the newer versions (78+) does not have the need to implement stealth so I think it will not be used anymore. WHAT IS NEXT ON FUTURE TOOLBOX VERSIONS ?: * Direct dump/flash of 79 drives * Smart Hack Patcher configurable by script (avoid hard coded rules) * Restore and Patch Wizards (for totally noobs) PLEASE ADD A NOTE REGARDING UPGRADING DRIVES UNTIL WE UPDATE THE TOOLBOX TO HANDLE NOOBS. Some users are Bricking their drives.. The following must be clearly noted if upgrading already patched drive. #1: Please read the “Tutorial”, it will save you time, and money fixing your bricked drive. #2: Please RESTORE using the same package to originally flash with (If use = Maximus-Garyopa-Xtrm-v2.3rev2 then you must restore with it first) #3: If your drive has Full Stealth from v2.3rev2 on it, you might not be able to restore if using USB to SATA. #4: USB to SATA is still not supported on the newer drives like v78 and v79. [/QUOTE] Official Site: n/a (Maximus, Garyopa) Download: n/a (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)

Spring07 Update Puts People Sharing GameSaves on Revocation List
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
From ( ): [QUOTE] In the Spring Update, Microsoft has implemented a new protection against gamesaving by using our gamesave archive against us – they went through our gamesave archive and downloaded all the saves, then everyone who has uploaded saves in the past has had their current local “ConsoleID” values added to a Console Revocation List implemented in the new spring update. Decrypted Console Revocation List ( ) Any gamesave coming from these ConsoleID values is now recognized as corrupt in the latest update. Which means if your on the list, saves created on your console will now only work on your console. Your transfer privledges have been revoked. If you are (or were) a member of 360gamesaves and uploaded any gamesaves, please check the forums for more information on determining if your ConsoleID has been “revoked”. If your ConsoleID is not in the list but you have uploaded a gamesave recently and wish it to be removed from the site please PM a forum admin. [/QUOTE] News Source: ( )

360 TID Officially Dubbed the Chatpad
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
From ( ): [QUOTE] Formerly known as the TID (text input device), the thumb board, and “that thingy,” the Xbox 360 controller keyboard has received an official name. In the Spring Update help document (found by clicking the “Learn More” ad block on the Marketplace blade) the device is referred to as the Chatpad. Now all we need is a price and a release date. [/QUOTE] Full Story: ( )

More Xtender XCM Products: XFPS Mini Guitar and HDMI-cable for Original 360
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
Team Xtender already announced the XCM BestTilt ( ) and XCM XFPS 360 Pro ( ) earlier … now they announced 2 other products that will be available in the near future (next 2 months): [QUOTE] 1.XFPS Mini Guitar — This is half the size of the original one, easy to carry and best choice for gamers, using the real guitar wood for authentic gameplay. This unit must be must used with the XFPS 360 when you wish to use it on the Xbox 360. It is also compatible with the PS2. 2.HDMI cable for original xbox 360 (White 360 console) , this will be the world first HDMI cable for xbox 360 (white console) and up to 1080i . [/QUOTE] Official Site: ( )

Team Xecuter 360 Glow Mod
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
From ( ): [QUOTE] After many requests regarding the Blaster 360 LED glow being ported somehow to the 360 Ring of Light we have made a simple mod that makes the 360 Ring Of Light glow Red or Green. Only 5 easy wires to solder and you can choose between Green glow or Red glow. ( ) ( ) Very cool effect for those that like to mod their consoles. Only $9.99 from ( ) and other resellers. [/QUOTE] Pre-Order ($10): red ( ) | green ( ) Official Site: ( )

Limited Edition Simpsons-themed Xbox 360
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
From the press release: [QUOTE] The summer blockbuster movie season is quickly approaching, and soon fans everywhere will be lining up around the block for four exciting new Xbox 360(TM) games inspired by this summer’s big-screen favorites and a limited-edition console that will have fans of “The Simpsons” dreaming of donuts. Gamers will have the best seat in the house when “Shrek the Third(TM),” “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” “Ratatouille” and “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” arrive on Xbox 360 for star-studded gameplay. With this cast of characters, players and movie fans of all ages can count on fun on Xbox 360. The entire family will be clamoring for encore performances — perfect for an evening of family fun. In addition, people everywhere will be seeing yellow as “The Simpsons” takes Xbox 360 by storm later this summer in advance of the famous Springfield family’s big-screen debut on July 27, 2007. Xbox 360 is partnering with FOX to help promote “The Simpsons Movie,” offering fans the chance to get their hands on one of 100 limited-edition “Simpsons” Xbox 360 Pro consoles through a series of special events and promotions. For anyone who is drooling like Homer about how to win, more details will be available at [/QUOTE]

XCM XFPS 360 Pro
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
XCM released a new version of their XFPS 360 keyboard&mouse adapter for the Xbox360: [QUOTE] The world’s first and only keyboard and mouse adapter for Xbox 360 just got a whole lot better! The XFPS 360 PRO now comes with TWO wheels for 16 possibles levels of X and Y sensitivity adjustement, paving the way for optimal shooting in FPS titles on the Xbox 360. The PRO version comes with 2 extra wheels with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mice on the market. ( )[/QUOTE] Official Site: ( ) / ( )

TVersity Patch for the Xbox360 Spring 2007 Update
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
From ( ): [QUOTE] As you may know Microsoft has released today a new firmware update for the Xbox 360 and this broke compatibility with TVersity Media Server(info ( )) (only with videos, audio and images work as before). We are glad to announce that we already have a patch that fixes this problem and also takes advantage of the new functionality of this spring update, letting you browse your video in a folder hierarchy instead of just a long flat list. Thank you everyone for helping us test this. It will be great if people with a 360 from different regions in the world will test it since in the past we had cases where European boxes behaved different than American ones. [/QUOTE] Official Site: ( ) Download Patch: here ( ) Download TVersity: here ( )

GaryOPA: Hitachi-LG Xtreme FW with Disc-Jitter WIP and Thoughts on MS Check
Xbox-Scene :: Friday, May 11, 2007
GaryOPA informed us that the Xtreme firmware for the Hitachi-LG ODD with added Disc-Jitter (like C4E’s Toshiba-Samsung Xtreme v5.3 ( )) will be released very soon and that you can expect more HLG Xtreme FW updates in the near future. He also shared his thoughts about the Disc-Jitter ‘check’ and suggests Microsoft might perform this check on request of the Xbox Live servers at some specific/unexpected moments when you’re trying to play online. Right now, according to member reports on our forums ( ), it looks like all old Xtreme firmwares (for both TS and HLG) that were working on kernel 4552, seem to work fine on the 5759 kernel (Spring Update) too. So GaryOPA’s theory might be right, or MS is playing the delay-ban game again and are just collecting data … or they have even other plans with the check (if actually already implemented in the spring07 update). From GaryOPA: [QUOTE] Commodore4Eva made an Xtreme FW with Disc-Jitter for Hitachi-LG v47 (test stage). Testing is almost completed. Updates on all the versions is in process. I’m talking with Maximus in getting the Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox(info ( )) uptodate to handle all drive versions with this “c4e” fix, instead of “c4e” releasing the v47, then me releasing a v40 thru v59 package, and Maximus releasing a v78/v79 package. I think it would be better to have one solid program, to handle all the future Hitachi releases, as there is going to be a number of them shortly, but the “Jitter” one way or the other will be out within 24 hours or less. It would have been done earlier but I had a major hard drive crash, and have been working with older backups, and complete lost of all my emails. Another personal thought regarding the “Spring Update”: Was thinking about the update, for it to work 100% they might need to shut-down the Live service for a few hours on their end later and update the server side also, as this type of checking should be done only when playing a game on XBOX Live and should be a request from the XBOX Live service to RE-TEST or CHECK the disc and can be done anytime during disc spinning (yes / no?). Maybe also MS is waiting for the Bungie Halo3 beta startdate to start using this new feature, as getting everyone with a copy of CRACKDOWN on using HALO 3 beta would be the key to the puzzle and good press! [/QUOTE]