Gaming News February 2003

X-Arcade PC Gaming Controller on the review
OCAddiction :: Saturday, February 15, 2003

“While you’re reading the manual for the setup instructions you come upon a rather astonishing page. Modding instructions! Not only do they allow you to tweak your X-Arcade they positively encourage it! It has detailed instructions for tweaking the responsiveness of the controls by adjusting the microswitches. Great stuff for people who have to tune everything to their liking. The adjustments are simple to do once you take the back off the controller. Simply bend the microswitch actuators a little so that less or more stick deflection is needed to close the contacts. Out of the box I’d say the adjustment is about ‘medium’ if that means anything. The sticks might not have the close tolerance you need to pull off the dazzling combos in fighting games or the more relaxed tolerance you might want for games which feature 4 way control like Pacman. That isn’t to say it doesn’t work out of the box but you might just want to tweak it to perfection for your favorite game type.”

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