Gaming News April 2003

X-Arcade Solo: Classic Arcade Gaming Controller Review
Futurelooks :: Thursday, April 10, 2003
“Arcade style controls at their best or just a really expensive joystick? The X-Arcade boasts itself as the best arcade joystick on the market. Whether you’re a PC addict looking to emulate some old arcade games or a console junky sitting in front of your PS2, X-Box, or some other second gen console, this thing may be just what you need.”

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Game Park GP32 Gamepad review
Hexus :: Monday, April 07, 2003
“You’ll notice that it doesn’t come with any games or media. You’ll need to purchase a SmartMedia card (128Mb costs just under £30 if you know where to look), or a boxed game. The problem with boxed GP32 games is the somewhat heavy use of Korean. This restricts the appeal of the boxed games somewhat, but fear not – there’s plenty more reasons to get one of these things…”
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