offer unlimited XBOX 360 game rentals

The service allows customers to rent an unlimited number of games from only £2.50 a week, with no late fees or due dates, customers can keep the games as long as they like. All new customers also get a “no strings attached” 10 day free trial to try the service. Every XBOX 360 games is available, along with a complete range of PS2 & PSP games, bringing the library up to a total of 1300 titles.

“The 360 has really taken hold in the last few months, and with the delay to the PS3, we thought this was the best time to offer 360 games to our customers” said co-founder Austin Rathe. “It’s important for a rental service to have a good range, and the 360 now offers that. We want people to try games fully before buying them, and with the next-generation games costing up to £50, we think our service is a great value way to do that”.