Gamers Get Girls Infographic

Gamers Get Girls Infographic

How does online gaming stack up against online dating?

It’s bigger.  The biggest dating site (eHarmony) has about 1 million members whereas the #1 online game (World of Warcraft) has over 12 million members.

It’s younger.  The median age for online dating is 48, wheras the average age for an online gamer is 32.

It’s more frequented.  On average, dating sites account for 1.4 hours a month of time, but a gamer averages 34.6 hours per month.

Gaming brings people together.  In a survey of WoW players, nearly 75% of them are dating someone else who plays the game.  Dating site users only see 33% of others using the same service.

There is a lot more information below that explains why online gamers are definitely not the social misfits that non-gamers think they are…

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  1. Nerdderp says:

    Very interesting, indeed. Most of the student in my class who are avid gamers have the best social skills. With the exception of calling people “noob” in the real world.

  2. Carl says:

    Missing the most important metric, how many hours of sex does each activity lead to?

  3. Jay says:

    Shame about all that WoWcrack bullsmack.
    Why dont you focus a study on a REAL game?

  4. guest says:

    I'm sorry, but only 14.9% of WoW players are single, according to a survey of said players. I think this speaks more about how full of crap they are. Or they're counting online relationships.

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