GameFly Review: Is it Right For You?


Who it's good for

Really, Gamefly’s worth needs to be put into perspective. If you are a serious, avid, or average gamer, Gamefly is a good deal. To make this easy to see, I’ve compiled a handy list.

Who Gamefly is good for:

  • Gamers who love to play games all the way through on their own time
  • Gamers who are picky about only purchasing games they really love or that offer longevity
  • Gamers who like to check out games before they buy
  • Parents who want to monitor and read reviews on games their children want to play, without forking over $40 a pop
  • Gamers who would like the option to buy a game after trying it out
  • Gamers who don’t mind playing the newest games a little after the release date
  • Gamers who trade in games frequently
  • Gamers who do not live close to a game store

Who Gamefly is not good for:

  • Gamers who want to play specific games on or close to release date
  • Gamers that do not play games often enough to justify a membership
  • Gamers who are impatient with their mail, have a sketchy mail box, or don’t check their mail
  • Gamers who want to play or buy brand new discs only
  • PC gamers (unfortunately, Gamefly does not offer PC titles for rental)
  • Retro gamers (Gamefly does not cater to Atari or SNES either. Sorry people)

For most gamers, I would recommend starting up a Gamefly account. The games come in great (if not new) condition, you can play for as long as you want without a time restraint, and you have the option to buy all without having to leave your home. You can also read average gamer’s reviews and information about upcoming titles before adding them to your GameQ. Gamefly is simple, effective, and cheaper than a bucket of KFC. Let your gaming begin!

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