Gadget News March 2009

Rosewill RX355-X2 External Hard Drive Enclosure Review 
Think Computers :: Tuesday, March 31, 2009
“We mainly have been reviewing Rosewill computer cases and power supplies, but they make a whole plethora of other products ranging from CPU coolers to card readers. Rosewill’s whole thing is to create quality made products and offer them at an affordable price. Today we will be looking at the RX355-X2 hard drive enclosure, which features both eSATA and USB connections. Rosewill is offering it for $39.99, which is a great price. Let’s see if you are getting your money’s worth…”

ATP PhotoFinder Mini 
Pure Overclock :: Tuesday, March 31, 2009
“The ATP PhotoFinder Mini is a synched GPS tracking device that essentially Geotags your photos, adding the coordinates of the location to the image’s EXIF-data, which can then be interpreted and used in an application such as Google Earth, for example. This could also be very useful for visual inventory and mapping jobs, people who work for park services, survey and mapping, GIS analysis, and other resource-based industries, not just the home user who forgets where their photos were taken.”

Flashlight-er Flashlight-er
Hardware Pacers :: Monday, March 30, 2009
“The USB Flashlight-er and the Dual-Function Flashlight-er are two amazing unique products. Both act as an in-dash rechargeable flashlight that also doubles as a USB charger so that a user can charge any electronic device that uses a USB to mini USB adapter for charging. This charger / flashlight works with many electronic products in today’s market place including the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry Devices, and much more. This small and compact device is extremely user friendly and easy to carry.”

Chumby Chumby Review
Hardware Pacers :: Monday, March 30, 2009
“The Chumby is an amazing little device that acts as an alarm clock, weather channel, game system, and much much more. This interactive multimedia device is a great way to showcase pictures, stay up-to-date with your social network, watch TV, get weather updates, get last minute sports scores, receive e-mail alerts, and have fun in an always online internet format. A user can choose from hundreds of widgets to customize the Chumby to interact in any desired fashion. With virtually unlimited options and easy to customize style and design, the Chumby is a super cool device that will allow you to do just about anything.”

Prestigio Data Safe III
Inside HW :: Monday, March 23, 2009
“Attracting customers is these days very important task for any company, especially on overcrowded PC market of external hard disks. Company Prestigio managed to produce series of external storage devices under the brand Data Safe that has caught a lot of attention. This was achieved by unusual design that was inspired by art and style. New series of external hard disks, Prestigio Data Safe III, comes with wide range of capacities that can reach up to 500GB. Model that we tested had 250GB…”

Amazon Kindle 2 Review
Hardware Secrets :: Saturday, March 21, 2009
“Last year Amazon introduced their somewhat revolutionary electronic book reader called the Kindle, which we reviewed at launch time. Although the technology was excellent, the first Kindle had several design flaws that kept it on the far side of perfection. Recently Amazon brought out the next generation Kindle, aptly named the Kindle 2. We decided to check it out to see how the new Kindle stacked up to the original Kindle as well as other e-book readers.”

Tech We Regret 
Digital Trends :: Wednesday, March 18, 2009
“Having recently condensed several of the world’s most idiotic inventions into the Dumbest Gadgets and Technologies Ever, we couldn’t resist glancing back at some of the runners up. (After all, as any good journalist worth their weight in newsprint knows, you never know when a creative punchline’s needed.) Ironically enough, it soon proved obvious that they were just too good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) not to share. And so, after another heated round of debate and discussion, we’ve whittled the list down a handful more of the most embarrassing, mind-boggling, impossible-to-comprehend technologies ever to grace planet Earth. With that in mind, brace yourself: Following are ten more feats of creativity and engineering the world would be a brighter place without.”

Form Meets Function: Decorative Technology 
Digital Trends :: Tuesday, March 17, 2009
“Gone are the days when the living room was meant for enjoying tea and crumpets, and entertaining guests. Even if you still do those things in yours, no doubt you’ve got an entertainment system somewhere in the room -whether it’s a simple audio system or a full-on home entertainment setup. Either way, when you’re not using the room for watching or listening, it’s nice to reclaim the look of a serene living space without techno-clutter encroaching on your piece of mind. Here are some of our favorite tech products that have aesthetics, not just performance, in mind.”

Itami FiTrainer
Techware Labs :: Saturday, March 14, 2009
The FiTrainer from Itami seems to be a very handy gadget whether you are already in great shape, are looking to shape-up, or even are attempting to just find a way to fit a quick exercise into a daily routine. Join Erik as we find out whether or not the FiTrainer does its job or is just another useless gadget.

Garmin Nuvi 265WT Review 
Digital Trends :: Friday, March 13, 2009
Though traffic has always been billed as a premium, subscription-based feature on navigation systems, the latter half of 2008 went a long way in demolishing that reputation. Garmin and Navigon both announced affordable GPS systems with free lifetime traffic, and even the budget outfit Mio got in the game by offering a solid year of free traffic with its units. ”

Samsung Memoir Review 
Digital Trends :: Friday, March 13, 2009
Camera phones have gotten a bad rap – and rightfully so. Traditionally still an afterthought, camera capabilities are subpar on even the most sophisticated smartphones. The Samsung Memoir SGH-t929 puts the visuals first, providing a robust 8 megapixel camera and video recorder with a wide detailed screen. The other aspects are about average, making the expensive Memoir best for camera consumers who need a phone on the side – and not the other way around.”

Don’t Let Big Business Paint Grey Gadgets Green 
Digital Trends :: Thursday, March 12, 2009
“There are two groups of people you don’t want to aggravate in this world: florists and environmentalists. We learned the first after making “disparaging remarks” (their words, not ours) about the longevity of flowers in this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide, prompting a fiery letter from the Society of American Florists. The second piece of knowledge was gleaned after criticizing LG’s “environmentally friendly” Skycharger at CES this year.”

Tomorrow’s Most Promising Technologies 
Digital Trends :: Thursday, March 12, 2009
We’ve all seen magazine covers anticipating Terminator-like vision through a pair of contact lenses, hydraulic body suits that augment the body with superhuman strength, and swarms of nanorobots that can construct anything in the blink of an eye. But this is 2009. While he hate to be pessimists, we’re more interested in things we’ll be seeing within the next decade than those we’ll still reading about in the pages of Popular Science on our deathbeds. With that in mind, here are a few of the most exciting new technologies on the brink of becoming reality that could very well change the world as we know it very shortly. While many exist today in immature form, these are the innovations we think will shape the world as we know it over the coming years.”

Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 Review 
Digital Trends :: Thursday, March 12, 2009
Given the high ratings of Survivor and extreme sports, it makes all the sense in the world that tough digicams are more popular than ever. You’ve gotta record those exploits to share with the world, right? As we reported from PMA, several companies added their names to the growing list offering cameras that can take a serious beating, such as crashing onto rocks, being stepped on, tossed into overboard or just plain manhandled by a rambunctious three-year-old. Olympus started the trend with its Stylus SW series, and now has introduced two new ones with an official “tough” designation. The 12-megapixel Tough-8000 is the more rugged of the pair and the one we were most anxious to try out. Should it join you on the slopes or white water rafting? Let’s find out.”

iLuv iMM173 Dual-iPod Clock Radio Review 
Tech Review Source :: Monday, March 09, 2009
“With almost everyone possessing an Apple iPod or iPhone these days, it would be advantageous to integrate it into the traditional alarm clock. With the iLuv iMM173, it is a fully-featured alarm clock that actually has two iPod docks built right in. The wake-up alarms can utilize the iPod/iPhone’s music library, FM radio, or a traditional buzzer. The large backlit blue LCD display is really visible from long distances and it will automatically charge your iPod while it’s docked too.”

Dumbest Gadgets and Technologies Ever 
Digital Trends :: Friday, March 06, 2009
“When it comes to so-called “life-changing” gadgets and technologies (insert your favorite wonder of the modern world from iPhones to Netflix downloads and high-school girls warbling out karaoke on YouTube here), sometimes all the years of toil and endless gallons of blood, sweat and tears that go into development are justified. But sometimes those selfsame gizmos and services, despite all the headlines, hype and millions of man hours poured into their creation, turn out to be steaming piles of excrement instead – hence the list we have here. While just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stupid inventions and technologies that have cropped up over the past 30 years, they’re certainly some of our favorites, especially when in need of a quick punchline.”