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Saitek GM2400 Laser Mouse Review

Think Computers :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“The Saitek GM2400 Laser Mouse certainly has a unique appearance with its grayscale camouflage. In addition to its crazy color scheme there are some important features to it. It offers three different settings to change your DPI and a quick switch button that helps you switch between the 800, to 1600, to 2400 DPI modes. The included software will help you customize the perfect gaming experience with the capability to change all of the six buttons on the mouse to something more fit for you. Let’s take a further look to see what else thisgaming mouse has to offer.”

Ziszor Handheld Paper Shredder Review
i4u :: Thursday, February 28, 2008
“This small shredder allows you to shred all those junk mails you get that could be used to steal your identity if they fell into the wrong hands. The compact size of the Ziszor handheld shredder is designed so it can be taken with you on the road for shredding on business trips and you can carry it around the home for shredding documents when needed. The device is powered by four AA batteries that are included. Plastic bags are included to catch the shreds and reduce the mess.”

Dragon Lasers Hulk Green Laser Technology Review
MVK Tech :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“It might not be a surprise for our long time visitors that sometimes we go for a little bit different once in a while and that is also what we are doing today. Since we have looked in the past to some damn nice green lighting, well actually better known as lasers we are going once again to explorer an exciting product in this category. These lasers are popping up and around LAN parties and huge gaming events all over the world these days and are becoming more popular with gaming communities and special events. So we are looking once again at some laser technology and did partner with Dragon Lasers this time who actually contacted us to show their product and give it a run for its money.”

Adesso Cybertablet 6400 6” x 4” Graphics Tablet Review
Dragonsteel Mods :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
” today for review I have the Adesso Cybertablet 6400 6″ x 4″ Graphics Tablet, which is more than just a graphics tablet, the pen has built in mouse buttons so it can act as a mouse, and Adesso included a small travel mouse to be used with the tablet as well so there’s no need to carry an additional mouse with you. One of the great things about this product is the price, I honestly expected it to cost much more than it does, coming in at around seventy dollars it is well worth that price and could easily sell for more.I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and have come to enjoy what it can do for me to make my life a bit more easier and even enjoyable. It’s been a long time since I’ve used a graphics tablet at all, and I had forgotten just how useful they can be…”

ADATA 2GB Mickey Mouse USB Drive Review
Virtual Hideout :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
“The Adata Disney Series 2GB USB Drive is a cool idea and will naturally end up being a popular gift if you want to send or take something home reminding you of Disney. It’s a cool idea that’ll appeal to everyone’s better nature without the theme park price tag. This should please a lot of people. And the novelty of it should resonate among the younger people. My daughter saw the pictures from CES and thought it was the coolest thing for kids who want to take music over their friends house, or for school projects. She knew exactly what it would probably best be suited. So, you can imagine the excitement level while taking pictures. I’d like to have played with it a little longer, but apparently, it’s not my turn anymore.”

IPEVO Trio USB Handset Speakerphone Hybrid Review
Everything USB :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
One of the most interesting things about the growth of Skype is the development of Skype-specific devices, which are (presumably) meant to ease the shock of talking on the “phone” using a microphone and some computer speakers instead of a headset, but take away the free aspect of Skype and impose a more organized, made-for-business feeling on the VoIP network. Of course, appearances can be deceiving, so today’s task: find out whether or not one particular Skype phone – the IPEVO Trio – makes the tradeoff of more features worth paying extra for your Skype hardware.

Apple MacBook Air Article 
t-break :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Apple certainly knows how to design a good looking product. I\\\’ve been using the MacBook Air for a few days now and I must say that its the lightest, thinnest and possibly the best looking notebook I\\\’ve ever used. That doesn\\\’t necessarily make it the best notebook I’ve ever used but the MacBook Air certainly has a lot going for it.

Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse Review
Hardware Pacers :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
“Microsoft has been a leading manufacturer of hardware for over 35 years and has had many successes with new hardware products. On of the newest gaming innovations that Microsoft has developed is the Sidewinder Mouse. This gaming mouse has the look and feel that gamers desire along with on-spot technology enabling gamers to turn on a dime during game play, have super fast response time, and brilliant sensitivity. The mouse’s many features has the Microsoft’s press team calling this mouse \\”

ATP Petito and ToughDrive mini Review
TechConnect :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
“Seeing the results above the ToughDrive mini and Petito look like the little engines, or better yet, flash drives that could. Not only did they manage to beat their more famous and very speedy rival the Flash Voyager GT in almost every test, but they did it without breaking a sweat.”

Vaja i-Volution SP – Leather Case for Apple iPhone Users
Legit Reviews :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
“With the Vaja i-Volution case installed, the Apple’s iPhone is still quite functional. The front flap opens enough to let you use the phone or touchscreen easily. Even though the flap was out of the way enough for me to hold the phone up to my ear, sometimes the flap would brush my face and become irritating. Ideally, for me, I was able to use the phone with my favorite Bluetooth headset without opening the flap at all…”

Sony alpha DSLR-A200 Review
Digital Trends :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
“For $699, you get a 10MP digicam, built-in image stabilization, anti-dust circuitry and 3 frames-per-second shooting out of the A200.”

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 
Madbox PC :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
“Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 comes with Carl Zeiss® optics, autofocus, HD video, integrated microphone, intelligent face tracking and 2MP by hardware (8MP by software), is one of the best webcams for home users available today”.

Mac User Report: Am I Turning Mactard?
PC Mech :: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
“Rich and I have affectionately referred to die-hard Mac lovers as “MacTards”. It has been an ongong joke around here, and we’ve both used the word in various posts around PCMech. It even has a budding entry on Wikipedia! Today, I ask the question: Am I turning into a Mactard?”

Super Talent Vidego28 Review
OCIA :: Friday, February 22, 2008
“Super Talent is a company most commonly known for their contributions to the memory market. Unbeknownst to most consumers, however, they also manufacture a variety of solid state memory,power supplies, and digital music players. Today we’re going to have a look at one of Super Talent’s less main stream products, the Vidego touch-screen digital music player.”

Terratec Noxon 2 Radio for IPod
Technic 3d :: Thursday, February 21, 2008
“The Terratec Noxon iRadio 2 for iPod arrived Technic3D. The NOXON iRadio 2 is also a network audio player that lets you enjoy the music on your hard drive anywhere in the house. All of its functions can be controlled with the remote or using buttons directly on the device. WLAN standards and encryption types are supported. See you in the following Review which qualities the Noxon iRadio 2 with Apple iPod presents”

Samsung Beat Review
Digital Trends :: Thursday, February 21, 2008
The Samsung Beat is a music phone for those on a budget. While it offers up some good sound, it’s lacking in other areas.

Just posted! Olympus E-3 review
Digital Photography Review News :: Thursday, February 21, 2008
Just posted! Our review of the Olympus E-3. The long-awaited successor to the original Four-Thirds D-SLR (the E-1), the E-3 is packed with features designed to tempt professional and enthusiast photographers away from the likes of Canon and Nikon. With live view, a vari-angle screen, in-body stabilization and a splash-proof body the 10MP E-3 certainly looks competitive on paper, but how does it stand up in the face of such strong competition at the high end of the DSLR market? Check out the in-depth review after the link to find out…

Ricoh launches Caplio R8
Digital Photography Review News :: Thursday, February 21, 2008
Ricoh has launched the Caplio R8, a 10MP compact with a lens covering a range equivalent to 28-200mm. Like previous Ricohs, it includes several non-mainstream features such as snap focus, the ability to step the zoom to specified focal lengths (28, 35, 50, 85, 135 and 200mm equivalents), and the 1:1 picture ratio that has proven popular in the company’s G100 and GRD II models.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Review
Think Computers :: Wednesday, February 20, 2008
“The SteelSeries Ikari Series mice, just being released not too long ago, are a perfect gaming addition for anyone looking to improve their gaming. With 15 months of research and development SteelSeries has been able to closely perfect the art of gaming mice for FPS as well as MMO/RTS gamers. This mouse offers up to 3,200 CPI and manual CPI adjustments for the perfect sensitivity. Wondering what CPI means? Check out the review to this as well as many other features of the Ikari Laser mouse.”

Anycom Bluetooth Solar Powered Handsfree Car-Kit SCK-1 Review
Futurelooks :: Monday, February 18, 2008
The Solar Bluetooth Car Kit from Anycom is actually quite a creative product, because — as you can probably guess — it comes equipped with a solar panel, effectively branding itself as a “green” solution for anyone who wants to talk without having something attached to their ear. By harnessing the power of the sun, the Anycom unit has no negative impact on the environment. Well, other than the manufacturing process and all the juice that has to be generated to keep your cell phone alive and ringing.

E-TEN Glofiish X650 GPS Smartphone
Tweak Town :: Monday, February 18, 2008
“The front of the X650 is home to a 2.8-inch 640×480 LCD display which can display 65k colours, and this is the first of the upgrades compared to the X600. This is definitely a step above most other Windows Mobile 6 Professional devices and something we hope other manufacturers will follow suit on.

The integrated GPS sports a SiRF Star III chipset which is one of the most popular on the market, and it also supports TMC in those countries where it’s available. This is thanks to the built in FM radio, yet another feature rarely seen in Windows Mobile devices.”

iPhone Portable Power Station Review
OCIA :: Monday, February 18, 2008
“If only there was a portable power source specifically for the iPhone user… which is where today’s product comes into play, the iPhone Portable Power Station. The iPhone Portable Power Station is a phone case and external power source in one, boasting some pretty neat features on top of all of this.”

Motorola RAZR2 V8 Review
Digital Trends :: Monday, February 18, 2008
“The Motorola RAZR2 includes improvements over the previous version including 2GB of internal memory.”

OCZ Rally 2 Turbo 4GB Flash Drive Review
i4u :: Monday, February 18, 2008
“If you are looking for a fast flash drive with lots of storage space the Rally 2 Turbo is a great choice. The drive is also thin enough that it easily fits into a crowded USB hub. OCZ promises lofty read and write speeds for the OCZ Rally 2 Turbo 4GB. The read speed is up to 35MB/s and the write speed is up to 30MB/s. In testing I used HD Tach to test the read and write speeds of the OCZ Rally 2 Turbo 4GB. I saw a read speed of 32.8 MB/s and a write speed of 29.9MB/s, both of which are within a fraction of what OCZ promises speed wise.”

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Gaming Mouse Review
Dragonsteel Mods :: Monday, February 18, 2008

Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 Review
Digital Trends :: Monday, February 18, 2008
“This wonder mouse includes 1GB of flash memory so it doubles as a thumbdrive, and recharges through the USB port.”

Samsung SGH-i450 Music Edition Mobile Phone Overview
Tech ARP :: Monday, February 18, 2008
The Samsung SGH-i450 is a truly innovative music phone that offers a dual slider design and touch wheel music navigation. When the i450 slides up, the mobile phone supports powerful smartphone features with Symbian S60 OS. Running the Symbian S60 3rd Edition operating system, the i450 provides advanced download application and multitasking features in fast speed through HSDPA connectivity.

When it slides down, the phone activates as a music player with touch wheel navigation, which enables the users to control the multimedia menus easily. Moreover, metallic speakers supporting ICEpower® amplifier developed by Bang & Olufsen® offer superb sound quality to music phone users.

NZXT Cryo LX Aluminum Notebook Cooler Review
OCIA :: Monday, February 18, 2008
“This isn’t something you’d expect to see under the notebook of some guy in a dress shirt and tie sitting next to you on a plane, or of someone in a business suit at Starbucks. More likely, you’d see this under an Alienware gaming laptop at a LAN party. I have no problem believing this is something from NZXT.”

Just posted! Canon PowerShot SD850 IS review
Digital Photography Review News :: Monday, February 18, 2008
Just posted! Our concise review of the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS (the IXUS 950 IS in Europe / SE Asia). This model is an upgrade to the previous SD700 IS, headline feature changes include an eight megapixel sensor, a higher resolution LCD monitor, face detection and new Auto ISO shift. See how the SD850 IS shaped up and how it compared in our review.

Sigma DP1 UK pricing
Digital Photography Review News :: Monday, February 18, 2008
Sigma UK has announced the price of its DP1 large sensor compact. The basic camera will initially sell for £549 or £599 with the optional viewfinder. This puts it squarely in entry-level DSLR territory – distinctly affordable for photographers committed to achieving large-sensor image quality. Sigma US has set an MSRP of $999.

Olympus Zuiko service announcement
Digital Photography Review News :: Monday, February 18, 2008
Olympus UK has posted a service announcement for the ZUIKO ED 12-60mm 1:2.8-4.0 lens on its website. A small number of these lenses do not autofocus properly due to a manufacturing fault. Free inspection and repair is offered by Olympus. Click through for more information and to find out if your lens is affected.

Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Review
Digital Photography Reviews :: Monday, February 18, 2008

Nikon Coolpix P50 Review
Digital Photography Reviews :: Monday, February 18, 2008

Sony DSC-H3 Review
Digital Photography Reviews :: Monday, February 18, 2008

The 20 Ugliest Tech Products
PC Magazine (Cameras) :: Monday, February 18, 2008
We’ve seen a lot of hideous-looking products come through our labs, but these—from Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, and others—take the cake.

Samsung Ace
PC Magazine (PDAs) :: Monday, February 18, 2008

The 20 Ugliest Tech Products
PC Magazine (PDAs) :: Monday, February 18, 2008
We’ve seen a lot of hideous-looking products come through our labs, but these—from Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, and others—take the cake.