Future’s Official Xbox Magazine bows out

22/09/06 – Future has today announced that its two officially licensed Xbox magazines will merge into one title. News, previews and reviews for the original Xbox console will now feature in Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine.

Following the sales success of Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox 360 since it launched last November – consumer interest is now focussed across two platforms. As a result, the final standalone issue of Official Xbox Magazine, goes on sale Thursday 28th September.

Bowing out with issue 61, Future’s Official Xbox Magazine launched in March 2002 and has sold over 4.1 million copies in total. Its successor, Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine launched in November 2005 and achieved a debut ABC of 42,680. Circulation for the new magazine is currently growing at a faster rate than Future’s original Xbox magazine did in its launch year.

Group Publisher for Future’s London Entertainment portfolio, James Ashton-Tyler said:

“Official Xbox Magazine has had an enormously successful run. The rapid success of the Xbox 360 means that readers are now interested in two Xbox formats. By rolling in coverage of Xbox games into our next-generation title, we can cover both consoles and provide Xbox gamers with a comprehensive Official magazine.”

Issue 13 of Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine also goes on sale Thursday 28th September, with a coverprice of £5.99.