Today was a long day. I had the entire day off which was nice, but I had to do stupid homework that took hours. Seriously, this one review packet for math is 15 pages! FRONT AND BACK! WTF!?!?! Why do teachers make your life more like hell the closer to finals you get?

Yummy I’m eating ice cream right now…. tasty

I suck at writing in code. Posting the news is a pain in my ass. I’m generally a good writer, but writing in code kicks my ass. It takes me forever to figure out how to do pictures.. barf. (don’t laugh at me daniel!)

Oh god, just 2 more days of school… then three days of finals.. please can it JUST be over!?

I hate soccermoms. There, I said it…with their big stupid SUV’s that they don’t know how to drive, their 13-year-olds wearing Abercrombie and Fitch that they’ll grow out of in 2 months, their cheeseburger-eating overweight fat kids who have an excuse to not run in gym class because of their “back problem” (you weighed 150 before you weighed 200!!!), and their stupid stay-at-home attitude.. in the way that they have nothing to do, but yet, they never get anything done!!! How hard is it to watch kids and do chores? One of my piano students is a mom who has a kid that also takes lessons… she frantically emailed me Friday night (before her Saturday 8:30am lesson) and told me to bring books for her kid so she could make copies. Well, the next Saturday, she hadn’t made copes. Now she’s going out of town for 2 weeks…. and I’m not going to get my books back! How hard is it to cart your 2 year old to Kinko’s while you make 10 copies? grr… whiny stay-at-home moms piss me off….

I know… but some are a pain in the ass. And I’d buy an SUV if I had the money, but I’d atleast know how to drive it…

Um….. drrr…… I have a VW GTI in a manual, and I like to pass cars over anything possible in that, so does that count? If I had an SUV, it would be the kind to go off-roading if I wanted to. I would have a truck, but no back seat room for the dogs… and also they are kinda uncomfortable to make long trips in.

Anyways… you’re asking this from a girl who rides a sport bike? DUH!!!
I also had a dodge… a stratus RT… which was great, but it was a huge car and a huge gas guzzler. Plus, insurance on it was completely rediculous. Generally I don’t like dodge trucks because their steering sucks and they look ugly…but oh well. Don’t get me wrong, I like trucks, just I’m not really a fan of dodge.
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