Fridge Benefits

I suppose I could just say I get “fridge” benefits… lol. Always food around. But I totally dig it, and since we’re owned by Germans, we get great perks even at the part time level. We are closed Christmas, New Years, and we shut down early on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I also get benefits starting January 1st, and get paid sick leave and vacation in proportion to my paycheck earnings.

AND! I get a sweet work out and get to work with some fabulous peeps. And I can wear tennis shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt that is provided. Nicely done. I also get to essentially make my own schedule and the manager knows me by name and EVEN knows a bit about me. It’s amazing.. really.
Okay blab on and on. I wanted to say one thing: I hate people who are advisors of an important program, have email, and don’t answer emails. WTF man!? If you have an email, frickin’ check it. Actually I think that just goes for anyone.
I’m trying to find a New Year’s party to go to, unfortunately all of the ones in Seattle are lame-sauce.
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