Freezepop: Interview Part Deux


The rest of our questions answered...

Last year we had the privilege of speaking with all three members of Freezepop at PAX 08 (read our first interview here).  Although the interview was great, we still had a lot of unanswered questions, so we wanted to sit down with them again and get the straight scoop about what has been going on in the past year.

I had a chance to sit down with Jussi Gamache of Freezepop to talk about their 2009 tour, changes in the band, their continued success, and even some hair care tips.

Last year I went over some of the typical questions that you have probably been asked a million times, so now I’m just going to jump right in to the hard stuff.

A lot of your fans have been virtually following this year’s tour over Facebook.  I noticed that Kasson was absent.


What’s the story there?

He’s just so busy at work… like he couldn’t take any more vacation time.  We did a ton of touring this year.  Sean and I are both freelancers (in our day jobs) so we can come and go as we need to.  But he was super-duper tied up.  So we brought in a friend of ours who’s in Sean’s other band… Seth (aka Bananas Foster).  So he started out as our temporary fill-in and now he’s more of a permanent guy.

Freezepop performs Less Talk More Rokk at PAX 2009.  The last time Kasson plays with the band :(

So is Seth a creative collaborator, too?

Um… not yet.  I mean it could grow into that.  The new album is pretty much just Sean and I but there has been some talk of him contributing ideas here and there.  We’re kind of changing things up in how we perform the songs before we actually release them.  Before it was like we would have songs, and we would record them and then we would play them live, and now we record a demo, try it out live and see what parts work and what doesn’t work or could be improved.  I think it’s the way more bands do it.

We’ll write the song and then do a demo.  For example, sometimes our songs would be all recorded and then we would play it live and it was lacking a certain kind of energy that…. It’s kind of different like when you listen to an album you can get more subtleties.  Once you play something live it may not come across exactly.   In a lot of cases we actually have different versions of songs that are on the album than a live version.

That was a very long answer to your question…