Free RPG: Rose Child Of The Storm


Albany, NY/USA – July 13th, 2011 – The Action RPG Rose Child Of The Storm has been released! Play as Rose a powerful child gifted with power over the wind. Storm the castle and battle the The Dark Piper whom has control over the undead and save your imprisoned friend!


  • 1st Person Action RPG
  • Enemies that are capable of mauling you and using magic!
  • Spells

Tornado Blast – Unleashes a tornado that sends enemies flying
Storm Smash – A close range blast of air which can be used to send the player into the air

  • Functioning spell sounds and on hit enemy sounds
  • Experience and level up system
  • Adjustable stat system, you can even control how fast you regenerate your health!
  • Save Games
  • Interactive NPCs
  • Triggers
  • Windows and Linux version available
  • And lots more

For more information and to download the game for free visit

For those interested in concept and development art pictures will be posted on during the upcoming days.

This game serves as proof of concept demonstrating the potential of what can be made using Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker. A full scale commercial Action RPG is current in development.