Flexiglow FX Mousepad Review


A mousepad disco ball

Are you using a boring old cloth & rubber mouse pad? How about a lame, limp nanometer-thick piece of blandness? Well you need to get some style, man! You need glowing, alternating, mesmerizing LEDs imbedded into a super slick, acrylic, USB-powered Flexiglow mouse pad!

Talk about showing off, this mouse pad has, literally, every color of the rainbow, and it is all selectable from the touch of a button. The colors radiate out from the center of the underside, and are transferred through the plastic to glow all along the edges. It really is quite a treat for the eyes. And, very importantly, you can turn it off too; just for those times when you need focus during a frag match, and don’t want to be hypnotized and soothed by the pretty iridescence.

Flexiglow FX Mouse Pad Specifications
Size 280mm(w) x 250mm x 5mm high
Colors Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, White, Rotate
Connection USB Wire (1.8m)

Speaking of frag match, it is truly an excellent mousing surface for both track-ball and optical mice. The mouse glides effortlessly, but is not unpleasantly slippery.

The only thing I would improve on would be to put an extra “foot-pad” on the underside of the unit near the front. I am a bit lazy, my wrist rests on the pad, and the pad tips a little sometimes.

It is a fun and funky mouse pad, and you should certainly check out their website at www.flexiglowhk.com. Now excuse me whilst I plug in my mouse pad, turn on a BeeGee’s eight-track, and get my boogie on.

REPORT CARD : Flexiglow FX Mouse Pad
category rating comments
Quality 4 Thick, durable plastic houses the LEDs, and the USB cord is protected to avoid breaking. Non-slip silicon grippies!
Innovation 4 Lighting products using LEDs aren’t new, but this pad will grab some attention.
Performance 4 The pad tracks well with nearly any mouse. Laser mice can track the black surface fine, and the surface reduces friction, so twitchy gamers will be in heaven.
Installation 3 USB connection avoids batteries, but having your mouse pad tethered to your PC can be a pain. No setting memory, so you have to toggle to your favorite color every time you turn the computer on.
Value 5 $20 isn’t that much to ask considering a rubber mouse pad can retail for $10. This provides a much better mousing experience for your money.
FINAL VERDICT: 4 out of 5 stars


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