Fix: Can’t change resolution on Silent Hill Homecoming


I love downloading games from Steam, because you don’t have to deal with DRM and having to find a game disc every time you want to play.

So, I downloaded Silent Hill Homecoming from Steam, but I am forced into a low resolution.  I have a freakin 28″ 1900×1200 monitor, and have a ATI 4850 X2.  I have enough horsepower to see all the eye candy, but whenever I change the resolution, the game crashes… hard… all the way back to the desktop.

The way to fix this is to launch the game directly (not through the Steam interface).  Go to your hard drive where you’ve installed Steam.  Then navigate here:

<Steam root>\SteamApps\common\silent hill homecoming\bin

You’ll see SilentHill.exe.  Run it.

You can then change your resolution and the changes will stick, even if you launch the game through Steam.

Now go kill your mother.

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