First Day at Gamestop!

Very busy this weekend:

Steven and I are going to a bachelor/bachelorette party tonight for some friends of his, which is pretty sweet.

Tomorrow is my first day working at Gamestop… 4 hours at minimum wage in exchange for sweet discounts and unlimited free rentals of games? Worth it to me dude…

Sunday is Kent Cornucopia days… going to buy a Bonsai tree… Steven is into the whole Asian theme in our room. Very cool. Except for the fact that they’re usually $50… double dude.

Teaching has been lame this week, hardly anyone is practicing. I would say “TO HELL WITH SUMMER LESSONS!”, except for the fact that then I would be extremely broke.

I kidd you not, someone actually wrote me this email:

(quote from Mario article) Watching Yoshi use that long tongue… attention boys… you could learn something from this….

Hi, are you hot?

Lol isn’t that frickin’ hilarious? How are you supposed to reply to that one?

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