I think I pwnsauced all over the mouth of my chemistry test…. we’ll have to see. I’ll let y’all know after I get the grade back tonight.

Yay I just get to work and play now until next quarter where I will be taking one class.
I’m also not sick anymore, this is nice. I finally got over it.
I’m going to make a nummy sandwich and then… eat more…and then…go to werk!

Okay so I didn’t bomb my Chemistry final. I got a 3.7 out of the class. Now here’s the trick: the teacher said the other day that he MAY be offering some extra credit if everyone’s grades suck. My grade doesn’t suck, but I’m guessing the majority of the class bombed the final. So, if he gives us JUST ANOTHER 30 POINTS, I WILL HAVE A 4.0!!!! Hopefully, he will do that, because I really tried for the 4.0.

I think he would be a rat b*stard if he even mentioned extra credit and then didn’t give us any.

Anyways, off to the post office and werk.

Actually this quarter’s grades were an act of God. YES GOD! I am an atheist… but a miracle of this magnitude is huge…

Somehow, scoring an 80% on my spanish final brought my grade from a 2.7 to a 3.5. How did this happen? I don’t know either.

My chem teacher gave 10 points extra credit, bringing the class average to a C+. A C+!!!!!! That is lame. That’s a 2.4 GPA for the class if I’m doing the math correctly. But moving on, that means that my grade went up to a 3.8. YES! That’s what I needed for this quarter. That means that now, I have the highest amount of points possible on the nursing school admittance grid. I am a 13 in a sea of 12s. Not to brag, but this means my dreams of having a license to stab people with sharp objects may be coming true…

Lastly, I received a 3.8 in Psych. An overall 3.7 for the quarter and another Vice President’s List nomination.


So now, you all can look forward to my fun gadget reviews and a turok demo preview coming up. For now though, I need to go earn some Trader Joe’s Overtime. Nicely done.


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