Finally got my Xbox 360!

I finally got my Xbox 360 Saturday!  It was my fourth attempt, and I was getting rather frustrated.

I waited outside Best Buy with alot of other campers (you can read about it here) and even had a ticket to buy one if I could have stayed up until 9:00 in the morning.  I had to work the next day and really couldn’t stay all night (although in hindsight I should have).  I wasn’t all that hot for the 360, but I needed one for a photo shoot.
Then I saw Kameo playing at a Best Buy kiosk and I realized the opportunity I lost.  The graphics were amazing! I knew I had to have one.
Since then I had travelled to different stores, followed up on rumors that new units would be arriving, and becoming dissapointed after seeing the stack of emty display boxes at various stores. 
My friend was a manager at a store, and tipped me off when new shipments were to arrive.  I set my alarm early so I could get to the store hours before it opened (apparently only a few outsiders knew about the shipment), but my WIFE SHUT OFF THE ALARM!  So I woke up late and scrambled to the store (no time to shower to brush my teeth).  I arrived 5 minutes after they sold the last one!  I thought I missed my only chance to have one this year.
Then my friend tipped me off again, telling me they were coming in either Friday or Saturday.  I wasn’t going to miss out again.  I set my alarm and threatened my significant other with hellfire not to touch the alarm this time.  I arrived early on Friday, took some energy drinks only to find they did not receive a shipment that night.
I was tired from staying up, but I repeated on Saturday.  I arrived at Fred Meyer at 5:45 am, and there were 2 people already waiting… apparently a good sign.  10 more people showed up before the store opened at 7:00.  Finally the manager opened the doors and proclaimed “I have 8 units” and we all shouted with glee!  The new Xbox 360s were gone within 10 minutes, and I scattered off to my car, looking vigilant in case someone tried to mug me in the early morning darkness for my new prize!
It took a long time and was very frustrating, but it was definately worth it.  I know others have gone through much more than I and still haven’t received their Xboxes.  Some have camped out overnight twice and still weren’t able to get their hands on one.
For now, we can be proud of our new units.  It was definately worth the chase…
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