Final Fantasy XIII

Nowadays getting me excited for a game is like getting a porn star horny. I’ve played so much of this crap it’s hard to really jump around for a new title.

Nevertheless I have to follow tradition and take a week off for Final Fantasy XIII. I got my game, got my guide (just for those two quests that make you buy the guide…too lazy to check gamefaqs) four days off and now I’m ready.

If you read my editorial you would know what Square needs to pull out to make sure this series doesn’t tank. From the emails I’ve received, the import version has fixed the problems.

Despite my busy schedule, I’ll do the nostalgic play-through of 4 days. This may be the last. X-2 started my declining interest in the series, as well as the declining quality gamers come to expect from the series. If this follows the trend, I will never have another Final Fantasy launch get-fat-ignore-sex-what-did-you-do-with-your-life-a-thon-again.

I’m not being skeptical, I’m just not having high expectations. This game needs to exceed my expectations to keep old school gamers as fans. But like I said in my editorial, their loyalty isn’t to me, or to old school gamers-it’s to the kids. The ones who will have mom scratch checks for every piece of FF memorabilia. We mean nothing, they mean everything, that’s buisness.

I’m thinking both young and old, old and new school and everything in between are going to have their Final Fantasy back. From your emails, it’s obvious. Nomura is behind this, as is Kitase, and those two cats arn’t about to make a bad game…if it’s a bad game from them, it would be Kingdom Hearts, and I wouldn’t start bitching about it, until the media told me to.

Drop me some emails to tell me what you think of the game, I’ll write an editorial on “The state of Final Fantasy” after I play through this. Later.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.