Final Fantasy XII Review



Title: Final Fantasy XII
Rating: Teen
Publisher and Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: October 31st, 2006
Platform: PS2
Genre: RGP

Final Fantasy fans, we wait no longer. The years of anticipation are now behind us as we hold in our hands the next wonderful, remarkable, exciting (etc, etc) installation in the Final Fantasy series. Does Final Fantasy XII quench our rabid RPG thirst?

I admit, I view the Final Fantasy series through rose-colored glasses. So what if Tidus is a whiny punk? Who cares if listening to Cloud for an hour makes one want to take Zoloft? It’s a frickin’ FINAL FANTASY GAME! Get over it whatever Final Fantasy issues you’re dealing with and just plug in the game. Final Fantasy XII is worth it.

The story behind FFXII takes place in a world called Ivalice. Many races (including those adorable, yet useless, moogles) make up the population, and the skies are crowded with airships. Magic in this age is more common it seems than in other Final Fantasy games. The Archadian Empire is looking for power, and has been picking off enemy kingdoms one at a time. One of these kingdoms is Dalmasca, home to many of the characters in this game.