Figuring out a HTPC

Yeah, now I just need to figure out HOW to do it. I also need to get the noise level to zero, and bypass all PC-level audio processing. Kinda tricky (the Denon receiver has already been optimized for the room).

The sound system is awesome though. Watching Superman Returns when the room starts shaking with the spaceshop coming in, unlike on most even full fledged theatre systems you hear it … you don’t on this. Your room just starts shaking with the power of the downward firing Martin Logan subwoofer. When playing music, the subwoofer is actually totally disabled. biggrin

Of course, that comes after my next project: upgrading the family network. Mostly just upgrading our core routers… might use a Linux pizza box, but I’ll probably just end up buying a a stack of high end business routers and racking them up.