F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate Walktrhough


A Brief Foreword

I know this game was blasted by the critics, and no, had I not played the previous two games, I probably wouldn’t have even known about this one. Yes, you’ll auto-pilot through most of this game if you’ve played the other two, but this is a solid shooter, no one is saying it isn’t. The gunplay is still the strength of this title and if you like a scare or two in your game, this is a decent playthrough. You’ll enjoy the plot and the game is still fun, but don’t expect anything close to innovation.



Here is the list of MY button setup on the PC version:

*Keep TWO eyes open for items, not one – the worst thing is to pass over an area where there are good items that you need. Just explore an area before you leave it. *Save big weapons, but don’t save too much – basically, you can have two big guns, like a rocket launcher and the arc, but that means you must have a fully loaded G2A2, or something else. Guns come and go pretty much after each battle, so don’t be too cheap to spend a big gun on a tough fight. *You have grenades, use them – simple as that, don’t forget you have them. If anything, just to scare the enemy.

WASD controls movement F use
Mouse look and aim G toss grenade
Left click shoot R reload
Right click melee C crouch
Shift zoom Space jump
Ctrl slow mo (this is where I keep my pinky) # keys select guns and grenades
E med kits H holster weapon, crucial in capture the flag in multiplyaer
Q flashlight ESC pause game

I don’t use the peeking around corners controls, but you can. I replace them with the med kits and flashlight I don’t know the 360 controls, sorry. Starter Tips *Slow mo, duh – I mean, if you got it, little reason to save it unless the fight is really big. It’s not like you automatically win by using this, as you only have a little time to use it and you can’t cover much ground using it. Just run up close with a shotgun, go slow mo, and start blasting – always works.