F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

I love the FEAR games. That may sound odd because I don’t like games that  stay the same, but FEAR has always done a good job of offering a nice and  engaging story while highlighting combat. Unlike most FPS games FEAR has always let the player determine how a fight goes down. I know that in COD5 there was next to no variation in how to get through a level. But in FEAR the enemies are always smart, slo-mo instantly changes a fight, and there are always  many options in weapons and melee. I honestly believe that while many would dog FEAR’s lack on innovation and somewhat cliched story, this series does combat better than any FPS.

This was the first FEAR game I played on the consoles, purely on that fact that PC games demand far too much money to run smoothly. I’ll admit, to start this game it felt different and a little clunky, not to mention the game  starts a little slow. But by the end it felt just like all the other FEAR  games and even more satisfying. I don’t agree with some levels being so long, but that’s just a small complaint. It would be interesting if FEAR 3 took on a much more focused approach and expanded into a cover-based shooter more so than this game did, but then again that might ruin what makes this game  great.

I don’t really have an interest in Resistance or Killzone, but any FEAR game and I’m there, not as a game guide creator, but as a gamer.




Action PC Xbox 360 PS3
Jump space A X
use and reload R B SQU
melee, you can jump and kick and sprint to side kick right mouse X O
slo mo mode Ctrl Y TRI
fire left mouse R1 R1
toss grenade; hold to cook G R2 R2
gun selection mousewheel or 1,2,3,4,5* LB** L1**
aim mouse RS RS
crouch C click RS click RS
sprint Alt click LS click LS
pause/options Esc Start Start
objectives and files Esc Select Select
Flashlight F D-pad up D-pad up
Use Medipack Z D-pad down D-pad down


* Mousewheel selects previous or next gun.  Use number keys to quick-select gun
** Quick-press for last gun.  Hold for weapon menu, then select gun

I’ll leave the PC controls to some basic PC FPS setup, and the 360 matching  the PS3 setup. Of course you can use the book or check in the options if  you need something.