Fabulous Booth Babes of PAX 2008


Girls girls girls

The Penny Arcade Expo has grown immensely over its five-year existance; so much so that it has grabbed the attention of big vendors who like to send out their sexiest models from L.A. and all places sunny.  The Booth Babes were more plentiful this year, and the costumes have become more impressive as more large companies set up rather elaborate booths to grab the attention of all the patrons.

One of the more impressive ladies was at the Stardock Booth.  Stardock publishes several games, and the “Sins of a Solar Empire” section had a quiet young lady who was absolutely mesmerizing because of how she caried herself.  She was apparently playing the part of alien nobility, as she was very graceful and slightly bowed her head to greet all tho took her picture.  She had white contacts (with holes cut out so she could see through them).  She mentioned that she really doesn’t notice the contacts, except for sometimes in her peripheral vision.  She wasn’t a “professional model” per se, but is one of the graphic designers who designs textures and other art for the game.

Walking around the show floor is nothing short of a babe-fest.  Some babes weren’t even associated with a particular product, and were paid enterege to bring attention to other people.  One of these was Doctor Steel (www.doctorsteel.com), who was pushing his music albums.  There was a bottle redhead with a tight naughty-nurse outfit, who was practically busting out of her uniform, and a blonde in a military-style costume.  Apparently these two are part of Dr. Steel’s “Toy Soldiers”, as they posed with their arms across their chest.  I spoke with Justin about his choice of escorts, and agreed that it was a great way to attract attention for his cause.

Some of the babes were just PAX patrons.  Some got up on the RockBand 2 Stage and vocalized some of the new tunes from the upcoming game.  Others were there to find out about their favorite games, and others still were with their boyfriends.  The media was out in full force, too, as some bombshells interviewed some of the developers and CEOs at the event… I’m not sure how they kept their eyes on the archorwoman’s face!

Of course, PAX couldn’t be complete with Jodi from Flying Labs, who was promoting their latest MMO “Pirates of the Burning Sea”.  She again donned the role of an incredibly sexy female pirate captain, and gave the order to shoot T-shirts from three T-shirt cannons, some of which said “Support Piracy” and “Getting Booty Since 1799”.

Of course, there was no shortage of babes in wacky costimes.  The girls were dressed up in a variety of costumes, most of which weren’t directly gaming related.  Some girls dressed up like Team Rocket from Pokémon, some like comic book characters, prom queens and pirates (although no ninjas from what I could see… perhaps they were really GOOD ninjas). There were also many lovely ladies from Frag Dolls, Gaming Angels, PMS Clan, and other gaming organizations.  The few gaming characters I actually saw were Lara Croft (not the official model), and the Princess of the Universe from the Katamari games.

The Reset Generation Booth had no less than 6 Bodacious Babes in different-colored prom dresses.  I snapped a photo of one blonde, who promptly asked “Would you like two girls?”  I responded with the only appropriate answer: “Always!”.  She then grabbed one of the other lovely models and let me take shots with both of them.  Many of the other girls were showing games to the many men surrounding the booth on custom-made arcade cabinets.  All of the girls smiled, and weren’t overly flirtatious… they all made you believe that you were the most important person at the booth… and that is what an Booth Babe is there for… to be a marketing tool.