Ex-husband a tool

Yesterday he got in a big argument with me because he wants me to let HIM decide if he wants to be friends with me or not. Too much drama. We sold our house last year and I’m trying to claim interest and property taxes on my returns but he’s being a baby and lying to me about not receiving the 1098 even though the mortgage company sent them out on January 2nd and he changed his address right after he moved.

He just doesn’t want me to be happy, even though he’s “moved on”. Seems like a lot of ex’s are like that… trying too much to re-hash the past or something. I dunno. Current b/f hates me talking to him though, mostly because Steven kept trying to get me to have sex with him… apparently so he could lead me on and then spurn me, is what he said. Wow. again.. wow.

Just too much drama. I wanted to stay friends, but gawd damn am I glad I’m out of that relationship.


Have a 3.5 in Microbiology right now. Hard class.

Going to be accepted for nursing school, but won’t be approved for financial aid. Probably have to turn it down and go next year. Oh well.

I’m in the lab right now listening to some dude’s ridiculous Jamaican rap music. I’m trying to concentrate!

Going to work at 4pm, and none of my shizzle is selling on Ebay! GAH!

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