EVGA Geforce 7600 GT Video Card Review


Best Value Card for serious gamers

There are probably not too many people who would not like to have a GeForce 7900 SLI setup, or a CrossFire X1900XT system. If you’ve got the cash, go live the dream brother! Most of us do not have an unlimited money supply though, and ATI and Nvidia know this. The bulk of their products go to much more mainstream systems, i.e. small office/home office, casual gamer, and budget gamer.

We’re going to look at this budget gamer range today. These are usually the cards that can be found for around $125 – $250. Now there are a couple of options to be had at this range from both ATI and Nvidia. Indeed, the whole GeForce 7x family has no less than 11 currently available card designations, but we are going to look at the 7600 GT.

The GeForce 7600 GT is based on the G73 core and is essentially half of Nvidia’s flagship single core product, the 7900 GTX; it has half the pixel pipelines (more recently referred to as ALUs), half the raster operators, and half the texture units. But since the 7900 GTX is insanely fast anyway, and the 7600 GT core and memory are clocked just a little slower than the 7900 GTX, the 7600 GT is plenty fast.

You may remember the 6600 GT from last generation, and how well it played Doom3, Far Cry, and Half Life 2. Well, the 7600 GT takes a lesson from the same play book. It truly is the sweet spot for GeForce 7. Today we have the EVGA e-GeForce 7600 GT CO on the stage, and we’ll see what she is capable of.