Evercool TG-W1 Cooler for Nintendo Wii


Fii Fi Fo Fumb

Is a cooler for Wii really that dumb?

Nintendo’s new Wii has taken the top spot in the home console war. The Wii produces only one-fourth of the pixel-crunching power of the other major consoles, and similarly only consumes one-fourth the power. This reduced power consumption translates into less heat produced by the unit, which makes it just as stable and trouble-free as any other home entertainment appliance.

Evercool has produced an external cooling solution for the Wii, called the “Fii” (product number TG-W1) and it exploits the established cuteness factor of the Wii. While a cooler may not be necessary, the Fii offers several “fii”tures that make it worth looking into.

Although Wii doesn’t consume much power, heat can still potentially build up within the cramped confines of the little white wonder, especially if the unit is not in the open air. Closed home theater cabinets or nearby heat-producing equipment can add stress to the Wii, but never “fii”r: a thermal shutdown situation is unlikely.

Here is Evercool’s description of the Fii, along with some speci”fii”cations:

Wii is the new generation game console released by Nintendo at the end of 2006. Amongst the next generation consoles, although Wii does not boast amazing graphic resolution like PS3 and has fewer games that the Xbox 360, the unique and innovative wireless ‘Wii-mote’ has overwhelmingly swept across the globe. Adults and children as well as people who never play video games all seem to surrender under its charm and fun.

Playing video games has suddenly become a ‘national sport‘; Wii repositioned Nintendo back to the No. 1 brand among leading household game consoles. As Wii is still at its peak of worldwide success, EVERCOOL developed ‘Fii’ cooler specificically for Wii and its dedicated players.

Compared with desktop computers, Wii’s power consumption and heat generated is not considerably high (45 Watts). Nontheless, with a Fii installed, Wii is protected agsint parts overheating and damage through extensive use; the life of the console is therefore extended. The easy installation and lower power consumption makes Fii a breeze to use. Fii’s stylish white color matches and incorporates Wii’s design; a side hook for decoration is also devised to create a personal touch and an individualized Fii. If you love Wii… You got to have Fii.

“Fii”tures Speci”fii”cations
The high performance cooling kit for Wii only by using strongly Axial flower fan. It can get heat-disappeating effectively and adjust the temperature of main unit to avoid the shut down situation.
  • USB interface. Easy installation.
  • It including 2 set of USB port can connect the other Wii components.
  • Whiting. Pure design to intergrate with Wii provide more proportion.
  • Handing hole design can decorate your own style.
Total Dimension 44 x 96 x 26mm
Fan Dimension 40 x 40 x 20 mm
Rated Voltage 5VDC(USB)
Speed 6000±10%RPM (MAX)
Airflow 4.82 CFM
Noise Level <25 dBA
Bearing Type Ever Lubricate Long Life Bearing
Weight 54 g