Evercool Silent Shark CPU Heatsink Review



Now, if you don’t have a rear CPU access panel like I have, then you’re going to be taking your motherboard out of your case for this install.  Evercool provides their own custom backplates for their coolers, and you’re going to have to remove the stock one.  If you’re new to this, I’m sorry.  Most of you are old hats at taking your machines apart.  A percentage of you will get a chubby from it.  Numbers never lie, folks.

You have to unscrew the top of the Shark to remove the top cap and fan assembly in order to screw down the cooler onto your CPU.  This isn’t an issue.  The issue for me was that my higher profile RAM was too tall for this cooler to sit on top of it.  I ended up having to take my good ram out and replace it with slower, albeit lower, RAM.  Okay, so now I have the heatsink screwed down.  I go to put the cap back on… and it won’t go.  The cooler juts out almost exactly the same distance as the interior width of my case.

Resisting the urge to break out the lube, I worked it in there just enough that it popped into place.  After a quick power check to make sure I hadn’t broken anything, I put the side of the case back on.  No need to reinstall the retaining screws, the case itself was holding the fans in  (Insert eye roll here).