Evercool Silent Shark CPU Heatsink Review


A Closer Look

Okay, so if it seems like their description is worded a little strangely, you should know that they are based out of Taipei, China.  I know, the first thing that springs to mind is cheaply made imitations of electronics we have imported from there anyway, but Silent Shark has built itself up on reputation.  Their products work, and they are concrete sturdy.

Okay, so now that we got all that out of the way, we can open this box.  The packaging itself is enough to make you want to buy it.  There are two freaking sharks right on the front “swimming” to frame the nicely sized window.  If the window isn’t enough to let you know what you’re getting, they also put quite a few pictures of their product all over the rest of the box.  There’s even a picture under the window of what you’re looking at through the window.  I guess they really want you to know what you’re getting.


I popped open the top of the box and pulled out yet another box.  This one was a small square white one filled with plastic baggies with all the hardware necessary for installation.  There were also some extenders for the Shark’s fan wires.  Then I pulled the Shark out.

Okay, I’m getting extremely irritated these days with the size of heatsinks.  They simply don’t need to be this big to sufficiently cool.  Or even to maximize cooling.  These manufacturers need to learn the M.E.D.  Minimum Effective Dose.  It’s a sports/medicine term.  It means you use exactly what’s needed to achieve your goal and not a speck more or less.  But, like those goobers holding up political signs on the side of the road, whining will get me nowhere, and if this thing works then I can take solace in that fact.