Evercool GT-365 PSU Fan Battery Review



You may have seen fan and case accessories that continue to operate case fans after the computer shuts down. Your computer’s processor may continue to radiate heat during shutdown (when the system fans have shut off), leaving your processor unprotected. Vendors claim these units prevent overheating of the processor by running the system fans (and continuing to disipate heat) after the computer has shut off. Little timid to buy one? Well join the crowd. Today I had the chance to review one of Evercool’s Gt-365 Extended Cooling System (ECS) provided by Evercool.

Package and contents
The packaging is original, but the graphics are very busy. The GT-365 is centered at an angle resembling a dicast Hot wheel toy, complete with colored headlights and taillights. The package’s graphics depict a city scene with the unit on a virtual cardboard road. Nicely done. Operation and product descriptions have been incoprporated on the packside of the packaging, with color illustrations. Timing and voltage specifications are also listed with the product features, and are listed below

  • LED will be “green when computer is on, “red” when the computer is off.
  • This device is connected to the 5V connector from the power supply of ther computer. Due to this, the RPM of the cooling fan will be slightly slower than usual.
  • Being connected to the 5V of the power supply, the device will extend DC fan to operate for 5 additional minutes after computer shutdown
  • Unline contentional cooler that will shut off once the computer has been turned off, this device will further reduce CPU temperature.
  • Please make sure that all the cable and joints are properly connected

The inside of the GT-365 package includes a 20+4 pin ATX power extension (with 2 pin power header), two 3-pin to 3-pin fan extension headers (12 inches in length), a piece of double sided sticky mounting foam, and the GT-365 unit itself. The instructions are printed on the backside of the packaging graphics, with photographs and color illustrations. It is very easy to read and follow along with the pictures…

Installation is simple and quick. Installatin the GT-365 takes roughly 15 minutes from start to finish. The unit is clearly marked on both sides where the connectors go, 2 slave fan ports on one side and 3 on the other (2 fan connectors and a power connector coming from the motherboard lead). The connections are tight, and once made may require a bit of pressure to remove them from the unit, so they will not fall out on their own. The only question is where to place it? Double sided tape is included to mount the unit just about anywhere – you can hide it behind other components or leave it out in the open for all to see!