Evercool PS3 Defender Turbo Cooling Fan Review


Do PS3s need cooling?

Sony’s Playstation 3 is well known for being loud and hot. Unfortunately, those are not qualities that most people look for in electronics, especially when it comes to gaming systems. One of the most highly recommended accessories for the PS3 or Xbox 360 are cooling fans, and Evercool has produced the Defender Turbo Cooling Fan to meet all of the hype.

So what role does this fan play in the life of your dear PS3? Well, it makes the PS3 louder, less hot, and takes up one of the valuable USB inputs. Is a fan really needed for the PS3? I’ve never recommended them, but if you’re one of the types that needs some heavy petting to soothe your nerves, the Defender Turbo Cooling Fan is the one to do it.

Here’s some specs:

  • Overall dimensions: 100×77.6×44 mm
  • Fan Dimensions: 75x75x30mm
  • Rated Voltage: 5 VDC (via USB)
  • Rated Speed: 2200± 10% RPM
  • Airflow: 4.87 CFM
  • Bearing Type: Ever Lubricate Long Life Bearing
  • Weight: 118g
  • Noise: <25 dBA

The Defender fan is extremely easy to install. Find the air exit on the back of the PS3, push the pin clip in to attach it, pull the retractable power line around the front of the PS3 to an available USB input, and turn on your PS3.

This fan is a lot easier to install than the other Nyko Intercooler for PS3 fan that I reviewed here. It also takes up less space. The only gripe I have about the installation is that the “retractable cord” is not so retractable. I had to feed the extra cord back into the unit after I had plugged it into the USB port.

I don’t like that the power line extends around the PS3; I think for aesthetics it looks a little sloppy. I like having my black, shiny PS3 out for everyone to admire, and the stupid power line connecting the USB to the back looks a little tacky.

I don’t have any issues with the fact that the fan is powered off of USB. However, I also use my USB ports very sparingly. If someone utilized all four of the USB inputs, running this fan may pose a problem.  (Editor: Newer PS3 consoles don’t have as many USB ports, either, but it doesn’t matter because this unit will not fit on newer consoles.)

Although rated at <25 dBA for noise, this fan is loud. The extra noise is not entirely noticeable during gameplay (since my television is up so loud anyway), but during quiet scenes while watching a Blu-Ray, we have some issues. The PS3 is loud anyway, but the extra noise is somewhat of a downer.

Overall for $10.99 this fan is a good deal if you want some peace of mind. I don’t know many folks who have had to send their PS3 into Sony (anyone?), so I’ve never been too concerned with heat management for my PS3. This little fan is a good buy if you can put up with the extra noise and the power cord.

P.S. Please Evercool, I understand that English may not be your first language, but please spell/grammar check the packaging on your items because “and protect PS3 do not shut down often” makes absolutely no sense.

REPORT CARD : Evercool Defender Cooler for PS3
category rating comments
Quality 3 Feels a little cheap, but then again, it is ($10.99).
Innovation 2 Compact size, could have done better with the power cord.  PS3s usually don’t overheat.
Performance 4 Does the job, but loudly.
Installation 4 Any five year old could do it. Does not fit on newer consoles.
Value 3 Good deal for the moola.
FINAL VERDICT: 3 out of 5 stars
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