EPoX 8KHA+ Motherboard Voltage Mod



This is the first guide that I ever did and which got OCmodshop started, I could edit it to make it a little better but I want to leave it just how it was so that both you and myself can see the change in time.This guide will show you how to do the voltage MOD for the Epox 8KHA+.

After this mod your Vcore should be around 0.2 Volt + 0.4 Volt (from the default overvolting) = 0.24 Volt higher than what you’ve selected in your BIOS menu. After you finish when you set you BIOS to 1.85 you will obtain a voltage of around 2.09 thus helping you overclock farther. Because this can possibly void your warrantee I take no responsibility for anything that might go wrong. Thanks to Mushkin Rules and Eyecannon for input

Things you will need

  • EZ-Hook clips (Avaliable @ FRY’s or electronics store)
  • 220K Ohm resistor
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Heatshrink

The first thing you will want to do it to take and layout your clips.

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Then you will want to cut them in half.

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After you have cut them in half take both ends and strip about 1cm of plastic off so that you have 1cm of bare wire.

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Take both sides and crimp the wire so thats its in a “J” shape. Put a small peice of heatshrink on both sides so you can use it later.

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Now take your 220K Ohm resistor and use a pair of needle nose pliers and make both ends of the resistor into a “J” shape like you did to the clips. After you have made both ends into a “J” shape take one end of the clip and one end of the resistor and hook them together so that they are holding onto each other.

Now is where you are going to solder. It is helpful to have one of these solder stations that can hold your work for you so you are free to use both of your hands, but if you do not have one you will still be able to do it. Place the hooked together pieces in the solder station and solder where the 2 pieces are holding one another. After you have done this do the same thing to the other side with the other clip.

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You should now have it looking something like this

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When you have finished doing both sides, slide the heatshrink over where you soldered and use a heat gun or a lighter to shrink the tubing around the solder. Do this to both sides, and you will have a finished product which should look like this.

asdfClick for larger image

Now you are going to want to locate the “CS5301 triple phase controller with integrated gate drivers and powergood” it is in the upper left hand corner of the board by the mouse and keyboard connections.

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You need to now attach your voltage mod clips to pin 2 and pin 17 on the CS5301 chip.

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I didn’t take my motherboard out of my case because I didn’t want to put everything back in. If you take out the board you will have a much easier time. Either way start with pin 17. Take one end of the clip push the button down and slide the metal contact under the pin.

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Then take the other side of the clip and do the same thing to pin 2, be sure not to pull the clip off of pin 17. You should now have successfully completed the voltage mod. Close up your computer and boot your computer up.

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Now go into the BIOS and into the voltage section, set the Vcore to 1.85. Press escape, save your settings and exit. Go back into the BIOS and into the PC Health section. Here you will see that the Vcore is now about 2.08.

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Now that you have successfully completed the core voltage mod you should be able to push your CPU farther than you were before with 1.85v.

Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.