Entire PowerMat Lineup Tested


Powermat PowerCube

Next is the PowerCube.  It’s a neat little box with a cord wrapped around its outside, about three inches long.  You can extend this cord and attach a power plug to power almost anything that is chargeable.  It comes with a variety of plugs.  All you do is attach the power plug of your choice, depending on what you want to charge, and plug it in.  Then just drop the cube itself on your PowerMat.  Not rocket science.  It’s easy to use, and can charge hundreds of different gadgets at the change of a plug.

Now, the big questions…  Does it work, and is it worth it?  I drained my PSP of all life, along with my cell phone and my GPS.  I then tested them to see how long it would take to charge them with their OEM chargers compared to the PowerMat.  I would like to post something amazing on here, like that the PowerMat charged them up instantly and then put them back in their cases for me, but that’s not the case.  Still, it did charge everything at the same rate as their original chargers did.  The GPS took three hours from dead to full battery, the same with my cell phone.  The PSP took a little longer since I have a battery extender, but it still was relatively the same charge time on both OEM and the PowerMat.

Also, I didn’t find any differences in the charge times of each version of the PowerMat.  The Portable obviously has its advantages since it can fold up and be taken on the road much easier than the Home & Office Mat, but the 2X can be put in a backpack or briefcase just as easy.  It’s also much thinner than the Portable is folded up.  However, when it comes to charging, they all did the same job in the same amount of time.