Entire PowerMat Lineup Tested


iPhone and iPod Touch Powermat

Alrighty, now you have the details on the mats themselves.  Now we get to the receivers.  This is where the ability to go wireless really comes into play.  Most notably the iPod Touch receiver.  This handy dandy little thing is in two parts, and slides onto your Touch from the top and the bottom.  All your ports and buttons are still accessible, with the exception of the Apple port on the bottom.  This is replaced by a mini-USB on the receiver.  But once it is on, you can simply walk up and put it on the mat and then walk away.  I consider this receiver the biggest convenience as you don’t have to plug anything in, just set it down whenever it needs a charge.  The receiver comes with a Micro USB cable for data transfers and a headphone extension cable, along with an instruction manual.  It’s matte black, but smooth and has a rubbery feel to it.  Which is good, because it provides grip

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