Entire PowerMat Lineup Tested


Powermat Home & Office

Last but not least in the Powermat Charger series is the Home & Office Mat.  This one is as long as the Portable, but doesn’t have the folding capability, so therefore this one is the Cadillac of Powermats.  It looks like a flat skateboard and features a smooth black surface rather than the rougher one the other two mats had, with a silver ring that goes around the outer edge.   It also features the three LEDs on the front for each of the charging sections, and has the buttons on back for the brightness and volume control.  There is a USB port as well.  So the only big difference between this and the Portable that I’m seeing so far is the ability to fold it.  Underneath the H&O is the power cord, the power tip kit, and the instruction manual.

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