Entire PowerMat Lineup Tested


Powermat Portable Mat

Okay, we’ve checked out the Miata, now let’s hop in the mid-size version of the Powermat.  I could call it a compact car, as it folds up for transport, but that would be screwing up my whole analogy since a Miata is a compact car.  So we’ll call this a Honda S200, with the convertible top.  I’m referring to the Powermat Portable Mat.  Opening the box, you get the same results as the 2X, only without the hard plastic molding.  The Portable is sitting right there on top in its own molded plastic cradle.  The cool thing about this one, and what makes it my favorite, is that it folds into thirds and fits nicely into the included carrying case.  And this isn’t one of those cheap cases that are made of fabric; it’s a hard clamshell one with magnetic closure and an outer covering that feels like freaking Kevlar.

The power cord comes inside this case along with the instruction manual.  The Portable also comes with its own Powercube and an assortment of power tips for your charging convenience.  The mat itself is really the coolest of the three in my opinion.  As I said, it does fold into thirds, sort of the way those plastic snakes did back when we were kids.  You know what I’m talking about?  Ah, never mind.  Anyway, it has the same rough matte black surface as the 2X, only with a pretty neon green ring going around each section where the surface meets the end cap.  Each section has a blue LED that comes one when it’s charging.  There are buttons on the back to adjust the brightness of these LEDs as well as one to adjust the sound volume.  Yes, it does make a futuristic sound when you put something on or take something off.  It’s the future dammit; it’s supposed to sound like a friendly little robot.  It actually kind of reminded me of Wall-E a little.

One other addition to the Portable is a USB port for charging your USB devices.  I assume this is for those few electronics that Powermat doesn’t make a power tip for.  So no matter what, the Portable has you covered.