Entire PowerMat Lineup Tested


Powermat 2X

First off is the Powermat 2X.  This puppy is intended for charging no more than two devices at one time.  It’s pretty small compared to the two larger units.  It’s intended for those with less space, obviously.  It comes in a nice little black and green box with several pictures and tons of information on the product.  This is something I like, and have pointed it out in other reviews.  No one wants to buy a product in a plain box.  The box has to get you excited.

Opening the box, we find another box inside that slides out.  The top is covered with a sheet of molded protective plastic.  After removing this, we get down to the fun.  The 2X itself is sitting there looking very pretty.  Right beside it is the charger, which is a pretty cool little gadget in itself.  The whole idea of the Powermat is to do away with tangled cords and clumsy messes.  So the one cord that is required to power the whole thing is spooled upon itself.  The prongs fold in, and the whole thing is about the size of a pill bottle when said and done.  It’s pretty nice compared to rolling your cords up on your hand and then wrapping a rubber band around it or something.  Removing the 2X, we find the tip accessory kit.  It’s a box that unfolds to reveal the Powercube, a tip storage box, and an assortment of power tips that slide over the default mini-USB tip on the Powercube.     There is also a small written manual on how to use and get the most out of your Powermat.

As I said before, the 2x is a smaller version of the Home & Office Mat, intended for smaller spaces and has the ability to charge only two devices.  That’s only one less than the other two mats, which isn’t bad if you really need the space.  The 2X features a matte black surface that looks like anything you put on it would slide off.  Not so.  The Powermat uses magnetic induction to send electricity from the base to the receiver; therefore those same magnets keep your electronics in place.  It features a single blue LED to let you know its working and a plug in the back for the power cord.  Other than that, its features are rather limited.