Entire PowerMat Lineup Tested


We test all of Powermat's products

Decades ago, there was a man who had a dream of powering the entire world wirelessly.  His vision was to use giant towers that would transmit electricity through the air, which would be harvested by receivers that would use them to power homes and electronics.  Not that there were that many electronics back in the 30’s and 40’s, but Nikola Tesla had the vision.  And he believed that electricity was more than just our future, it would soon be our whole way of life.  He was a genius in its most absolute form, and his ideas of wireless electricity were seen as idiocy by some and, by most, as lunacy in its purest form.

Electricity is more than our future now; it’s everything we do throughout a day.  Cars now run on electricity.   Every gadget and appliance we have right down to our pencil sharpeners run on good old electricity.  And God knows most of you couldn’t live without your PDAs, PSPs, and cell phones.  Personally, I find our reliance on electricity more than a little disturbing, since it can be taken from us at any given moment by a mere wind.  Still, I was and am a huge fan of Tesla, I wrote my final high school essay on him, and have since gone on to use his ideas and inventions in everyday life.

So when I got the opportunity to review the awesome new charging appliances put out by Powermat, I jumped on it.  The idea of charging something wirelessly is right up my alley, being the child of Tesla’s thought that I am.  So I told the guys over at Powermat to load me up, and I’ll give them a show in return.  And they didn’t disappoint.  So here’s a list of what I’ll be giving you in this epic review:

  • Powermat 2X Charging Mat
  • Powermat Portable Mat
  • Powermat Home & Office Mat
  • Powermat iPod Touch receiver
  • Powermat iPod & iPhone receiver
  • Powermat Universal Powercube

Obviously I can’t turn this into a Lord of the Rings-esque novel, the time and effort it would take to review all of these one by one and put it all up in a single review would be unrealistic.  It would be nearly twenty pages long and quite possibly be a lot of me repeating myself.  So what I plan on doing is grouping the charging mats in the first section of the review, the following up with a skinny on the receivers and how well they do they do their job as a whole.  Now that we have a plan, let’s check out the Powermat.