Enjoy a free weekend of the best summer surfing game, Robo Surf!


Robo Surf, available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices is going free for a whole weekend! Get a chance to enjoy the critically acclaimed surfing game of the summer!

Skövde, Sweden – June 30, 2011. Robo Surf is the best surfing game you will experience this summer and the critics seems to agree. Here are some quotes from review sites:

“Consider Robo Surf the surprise App Store gem of the month.”
– 5/5 Modojo
“Solid, simple, and effective controls are the basis for an entertaining one-touch experience”
– 8/10 Pocketgamer

Pieces Interactive is really happy for the support from all Robo Surf fans out here, and glad that the game has been so well received.

“We are quite happy with the reviews we have received of Robo Surf, along with a really strong rating in the App Store. All players seem to enjoy the game and by making the game free, we hope more players get to experience the charm of Robo Surf.” – says Pieces Interactive CEO Johan Hellberg

To help spread the word of Robo Surf and let more players experience the awesome feeling of being the last robot on Earth with a surfboard, Pieces Interactive will make Robo Surf free for two days on the Apple App Store. This weekend, starting Saturday 7/2/11 and ending 7/3/11, be sure to download your own free and delicious copy of Robo Surf.

Robo Surf will also keep the price at the very reasonable $0.99 mark after the free weekend. And if sales keep going strong, there are plans for new content including new bosses and new gameplay elements.

“Even though Robo Surf was meant to be a very simple game there’s always a multitude of cool ideas during development, ideas you might not always get the chance to explore. But the app format works well with creating bite sized updates for already released games.” – Pieces Interactive Game Director Mårten Brüggemann

Pieces Interactive has previously released Puzzlegeddon for PC, iPhone, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and Fret Nice for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Robo Surf is available for $0.99/€0.99 on the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

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